This is going to blow your mind

So, anyone having intense bouts of black screen while trying to play OFFLINE during this server crapfest?
Fun, isn’t it?
Anyone want to know WHY we are having more issues with black screen and crashes since the queue was put in place to, “fix,” online?
Well friends, this is because the screen goes black and/or you crash, because if you still have your internet hooked up, even though you hit, “skip queue and play offline,” the game is STILL checking the queue. I assume the black screen is a glitch when the game attempts to bring up the box to tell you you are connecting to online, but it doesn’t bring up the message because you are playing in OFFLINE.
I figured this out after playing yesterday offline after skipping the immense queue. Yesterday, I just happened to be trying to reach the flayer jungle. I black screened out every 10 to 20 minutes and of course each time had to start all over from kurast. I didn’t put it together until this morning however, that these issues all occurred during the, “peak traffic times,” when the queue was high. This morning it took 18 tries to get from pandemonium to the city wp. I cannot even express how pissed off I was by the end, but in my irritation, a light bulb went off.
Sure enough, I exited to the title screen, I sat through the queue to the end, I didn’t have another black screen at all today (wasn’t actively playing, but I left it running for hours and hours, no black screen, still in game by the end of the day).

So, until the crack team on this project fixes it, it seems there is really no escape from the queue or early morning play issues. Online or offline, no one is getting on this game between 6am and 8am PDT.
Great job Blizzard.

PS, forgot, obviously you could fix offline for now by disconnecting your internet, or blocking D2R from connecting :slight_smile:

Meh, don’t seem to have that problem,it does take a few seconds to try batnet, but then goes right to my single player lineup

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interesting theory.

I don’t have that issue.

I’ll be testing it again tomorrow am, but I’m pretty certain the black screen bug some are having plague them even in offline is connected to that queue, or more precisely, skipping the queue.
I also let CS know in a ticket, maybe they will look into it, not like there is any point to playing offline anyway hehe dead end characters that can never trade or play multiplayer :wink: (not my cup of tea, I don’t like restricting myself from future options hehe).

Did you download the new patch?

Personally, I never ran into this bug.

Yup, and like my experience the past 3 weeks straight, once again, my situation trying to play this game has again, gotten worse.

Launched D2R at 5:55am this morning. Queue was (embarrassed to even say) a little over 600. By 7:15am, I was up into the 300’s.
At 8:22am I was at the end of the queue and kicked out into…OFFLINE.
I clicked online and…in the queue, position 370.
So I guess I now just say what I’ve said the past 3 weeks now, “I guess I’ll play tomorrow?”
All the while, I’ve been in constant debate with the CS staff for a refund (not that I want one, I LOVE THE GAME, I JUST WANT TO PLAY THE DAMNED THING).