There are no developers in charge here

There is a reason why European and Asia servers are dead.
You can tell just by looking at a few written articles.

But the people in charge do not know the cause.
They know but they don’t.
They should just say they don’t know.


They don’t want to work.
They lack processing power.

This is the level of Blizzard.
It is almost like a defective product in China.

I speak to the developers who read this article.
Please wake up and solve the problem.

There are no (D2 or LOD) developers reading this article.
They left the company a long time ago.
When will you “wake up” and realize nothing will change.

Is the CS team lying?
Or are you talking nonsense?

You are posting in the Classic forum, not the D2R forum.

Classic is supposed to remain unchanged, while D2R is the one getting updates.

I am saying the truth. You do not want to believe it.