The Truth they will not tell us

I am glad we got a patch, I have not crashed since Nivida and Blizzard both finally after 3 weeks patched the memory leaking and the odd Driver issues with D2R. I was sure that a majority of it lied in Hardware utilized game code from the basic functions a game does to talk to your hardware (Being a coder myself I understand that) That being said.

People want to think that hacking, cheating and duping is not a thing but it is. There are trainers already out there (pretty sure all of them can be detected) people using them and getting banned. We have people who (There is a Youtube video out there not gonna post it for you) Shows you how to crash the game and dupe and roll back your gambling. Then we have the people crashing their own games to get a dupe and when so many people do it, it crashes the servers. Most of this is going on during prime time in Asia so they can dupe and sell it to Americans who will pay $200 for a Bur rune.

All these things are going on it’s all over the internet, There is Reddit posts, Videos, underground chat boards the list goes on.

Why wont Blizzard say anything is cause they want people to believe in the ignorance is bliss mind set, These are not the cheats your looking for I can go on with pop culture references but you get the idea. If you really do not think it’s going on cool fine by me do not care to argue, what I have seen with my own two eyes and the servers almost always go down during Asia prime time is enough for me to know that yes it is.

We had these issues in D2 classic the game engine is old it’s got some leaks and issues I hope this gets fixed asap but I’m not sure it will.

Blizzard has explained why, they made a post about the outages like 30m ago

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