The incompetence is staggering and unbelievable. Thieves

As far as im concerned, anyone involved in this catastrophe of a release of a simple, small game, Is a thief. you have stolen our money and not given us even really half of the product you advertised. I hope everyone involved in this is fired and the company involved goes completely under water. Wouldn’t mind to watch blizzard follow it underwater as they are allowing this to take place under their wing. Unbelievable the level of lazy and unwilling to take action to fix such a simple small situation. I genuinely hope you all sink, Maybe you guys can wait while someone “Looks into your situation” as you fall apart and we all move on like nothing happened. Enjoy your sinking ship.

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Just in case you missed it:

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nobody cares about excuses.

In case you missed it.


Well I can see that you’re filled with rage, which there is no reasoning with. Carry on.

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Guy says root cause analysis and next steps are excuses… :joy:

Someone just wanted to mald this morning I think.

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at this rate, production connectivity issues occurring for several days in a roll in absolute no go man, at least try to keep implementing workarounds til you can get it fixed permanently. If you have to restart the server, can you simply just do it lol.

you mad huh?

bla bla 20 characters

haha yeah thatd be nice but, i just uninstalled. gonna go back to Ark, lol.

problem is that their solution requires probably a few weeks or months to implement, so what does it mean? We have to quit and leave this game for that few months? Do you really have no temporary workaround solution to maintain the uptime?

Check back every now and then, things will get better as time marches on.

The rogue campfire will be there to give you a warm welcome.

I never played D2 before. I just finished the game on Hell yesterday. Even with daily server crashes and multiple crash to desktops a day. Are things ideal? No. Calling people thieves is a stretch.

Tbh, ill probably just play the original from time to time, ya know? i mean i just wanted this remake to see a shinny new side to diablo but i didn’t want it that bad. The original works just fine. ill just hop on there from time to time. don’t need the frustration of this. just really not worth it when the original game works fantastic lol. I just really wish these companies would get it together and provide what they say they will, stop lying to people and being lazy with all of it because they want a quick cash grab. Its bothersome.

did you read their pinned post? Limiting the amount of people playing at one time IS the temporary workaround, the servers are still up as we speak it just takes longer to get in. Just keep hitting “play” and you will get in eventually, first game for me took 4 tries, second game took 6

Hey, whatever keeps you happy. :+1:

OR, go play the original. It’s much better lol