The fake tombs in the Canyon in Act 2 would be a great mlvl 85 area

There are 7 medium-big dungeons that nobody farms and superuniques that nobody farms like Kaa, and this is because the mlvl is bad.

Not to mention that this farm wouldn’t favor any one class because every immune can spawn in them. Including rare magic immunes.

This would be an ideal location to add to the endgame farming list.

I understand from the modders that duriel’s tomb changes mlvl when you try to change the fake ones so this might not be a possibility.

But maybe you guys can do what they couldn’t.

I’d be impressed.


Even if they were increased from level 80 → level 83, that would be a big bonus and help keep them relevant in the end-game…


It would be great!
It’s a shame that an area that requires less “new game making” get so underused. Duriel is also the ONLY act boss that nobody ever goes to farm. It would be nice to have the whole Canyon of the Magi and Tal Rasha’s Tombs area level be bumped and see Duriel’s drops fixed. Even if it’s just level 83, it would be a nice alternative.

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Would be great but too many immunities inside right?

Lots of immunities would encourage group play. We could see mf/exp tomb runs in hell as an alternative to baal running.

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at least until the drop off at level 94, then it’s best to do chaos or baal.

Fire druid with mixed phys/fire and good AoE does well. My mate’s Tesladin cleans it up well… Trapsins, Necros, and other hybrid damage types would do very well there. It’s a great place for a two-person team to clear, It’s my preferred farming spot when I want gems and crafting materials, and just want to kill a lot of things and feel strong :muscle: I’ve never found anything GG there, but it’s solid fun, and you get a dopamine high opening all those 7 sparkly chests…

I’ve started a thread with a good amount of responses on this as well! Good to see some more buzz, maybe this can work! :smiley:

Other thread for reference in case it helps to make more waves :heart:

If this happened I would never farm another area lol

As somebody who play only melees … Making the tombs 85 is everything i need!