The Arreat Summit site is down

The Arreat Summit - Blizzard official D2 guide site.

Is the site down temporarily or gone forever? The same goes for Blizzard’s other classic game guide sites. (SC, W2, W3)


google offline arreat summit



How many freaking threads do people have to make for this same topic?
Just reply to one of the other existing threads; stop cluttering the forum with duplicates.

Thx. I hope Blizzard doesn’t get rid of the classic sites.

Fair point… However Blizzard could fix the problem… Poof, no more complaints about the site being down.

The question is… How soon™ will this happen?

They likely have some long drawn out process they have to go through in order to get approval from the suits of the company to make it happen, it all depends if they happen to catch the suits during one of their breaks where they actually do work between their vacations/golfing tournaments. One of the persistent issues with any hierarchical governed entity.

Who knows, they may even be doing an overhaul of the site to include the updated information.

It has a fully functional snapshot on archive dot org (wayback machine). I’m considering making a new website with the info from the arreat summit, as a means of preserving it (especially for non-d2r players, I personally still keep classic D2 installed even though I moved to D2R), but for now, wayback machine does the trick.

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You might want to reach out to Blizzard before doing so, just to avoid any potential legal issues.

There’s no legal issue with making a website containing info made publicly available. I’m not gonna just re-host the arreat summit.

OK… Well just thinking to avoid wasting your time setting it up to only be presented a CnD from Blizzards legal team.

It’d be great to have a reliable mirror for the site. The waybackmachine is a good fallback, but its riddled with ads and is sloow.

Oh yeah, that could happen if I, say, just downloaded the webpage and mirrored it. What I mean to do is more akin to a wiki-ish thing, just the information, not copy the website. It would be a new website.

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Or hopefully they decide to make another upgraded version that covers both D2LoD and D2R.

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Just call it The Ferret Summit and have pictures of Ferrets instead of D2 logos