Terror Zones ladder only?

Anyone got any info on title yet ?

Pez stated that Terror Zones will very likely be a ladder-only feature for ladder season 2.

There’s no mention of Terror Zones coming to non-ladder as of now. Currently there is only talk of it coming to single player after ladder season 2.


thanks man. super sad only ladder !


If I we’re to guess they didn’t get the reception they wanted from Terror Zones and it being most likely used as season 2 mechanic they need more time to improve it.

Plus I would find it hard to go from season of Terror to a non Terror season unless an equivalent drop area was created as it greatly changes endgame that season.

Just an odd move unless always a ladder mechanic for all ladders or a mechanic used on both.

well it was also a move for everyone to reach 99 and you didnt have to grind foreverrr just to get it but oh well. hopefully sooner or later it comes to nl :frowning:

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i think Pez takes too many steroids. this why he cares only about Ladder.

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I don’t care about ladder, No time for it, I only farm a few hours a week, and like me there are many people. It’s the main reason to play only Non ladder.


I would like it to become non-ladder only.
I only play ladder :slight_smile:

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Which is dumb because they stated that it’s a feature intended to add endgame to the game… endgame is not restricted to ladder

Having terror zones restricted to ladder is a dumb as having let’s say loot filter restricted to ladder

It’s not a challenge content but rather a fix to a problem


To be clear if TZ’s were on Non-Ladder & Ladder I’d be happy and play Ladder a little bit here and there.

But Ladder ONLY TZ actually makes me mad and feel bitter that I can’t enjoy my favorite characters in TZ’s. I have to make some new crap that I’m not nearly interested in to experience the TZ’s. Yeah right. They’re not fun enough to warrant another no-life scenario for me lmao So F Ladder


Im extremely dissapointed that TZ is a ladder only option. I dont see any reason why this shold be the case. Is it to try to push people to play ladder? If so…im still not going to.


i love how there’s both sides.

there’s people that think 3 months ladders are too long and they quit long before it’s over.

and then you have the people that can’t even fathom making a new character twice a year…

i want 3 month ladders, most people quit like 1-2 months in. and gets pretty stale around 3.

3 month would be good, 4 is a better compromise but even 4 is too long.
Introduction of Terror Zones should keep some motivation there to break the boring meta of farming and you can spread that out a bit, esp playing P1 online.

We will see.

It’s rolling out to ladder first, nobody said it will stay there. It is easier to implement significant changes to ladder where everyone is starting new and they can tweak things as they go, rather than drop it into NL where people already have established characters. Once they smoothed things out, which they will need to do because that’s how real world changes work, they will likely migrate it to NL as well.

This is nonsense. A loot filter is QOL to all players. It impacts every character at every stage in the game, regardless of level, difficulty, wealth, or ladder status. TZs seem mostly focused on giving a boost to less leveled and less geared chars. Ladder seems like the perfect place to drop this, as everyone is starting new and will only be playing those chars for a limited time. Yes, I would also like to see it come to NL, and I believe it will, But dropping it with a new ladder for a preliminary rollout is pretty sensible.

If TZs are intended to be endgame content, they seem to need some more work anyway. At the moment, they seem more oriented to helping people get to endgame, whatever that means in D2. This being the case, that’s even more argument to release them in ladder where nobody is at endgame and they can make the changes they need to make as people push the boundaries of what TZs can do for them, rather than to drop them into NL where people are already level 99 and have already surpassed anything TZs have to offer. Then the forum will be flooded with fully geared and leveled chars complaining that TZs are boring, pointless, and offer nothing for them to do or care about anyway, why do the devs suck so bad, this game sucks, cry cry tear whine cry.

i play p5, i didn’t think the game needed any changes, i thought the grind to 99 was something that should be earned by hardcore gamers, not excited for everyone to get 99 in a few weeks… personally not down with these changes. but hey, we’ll see what happens here :wink:

It can get kind of stale around 3 months, this is true. But this is part of why I like a 4 month ladder. I can play what I want to play, then take a little break and do something else for a bit and come back with the new season and not miss anything.

I love this game, but I can’t play it 365 days a year. Spending a few weeks doing something else at the end of a season helps me avoid burning out on the game. The only way I can keep a ladder interesting for longer is to make a ton of new classes to play, but then I’ve played them all and I have no motivation to play a new ladder. This way, I get a little break, then come back and start fresh all over again. I realize this isn’t true for everyone but for me, its a cycle that helps me keep a healthy relationship with the game.

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Online? So 5 separate accounts?

Agreed. I did it once, its a grind and its worth it afterwards… Then again I was like 15 with tons of disposable time… Not the same now at 34 with that thing called Adulting.
Still, I wouldnt change it drastically, you should still have to earn it.

ya i have 5 seperate accounts and i use two pcs and a legit method.

i’ve gotten every class to 98, but i never felt the grind to 99 worth it. i think i made it around half way just by playing on time, but i wasn’t really going for it.


Fair enough, I do P3 for some things, TZ will make this work alot easier for some farming.
Quick Tav runs, I really cant be bothered even though I should.
But that’s my choice

yeah ladder only just stupid, ladder now already 6 months, next maybe around that too. this mean Non ladder player have to wait 6 motnth to update??? srsly.
why cant both side have win win solution, too many update for ladder only.

if ladder want to have exclusive rewarding play, fine, but dont bring it to non ladder. let it perish after ladder reset.

like D3 which i view both ladder / non ladder wins, the buff only exist in ladder. cannot trasferable to NL, (exclusive ladder reward) and next ladder there are new buff. also diffrent are cosmetic, not major gameplay.

ladder and non ladder have same item, same dungeon, same feature. different only buff that last on ladder.