Sunder charm? Need change all

Remove each immunity from all monsters in the terror zone and change the max resistance to 95% and you’re done… Why do you make sunder charm?

Are the developers stupid?

Increase the monster’s attack power, density, and AI instead of setting all immunity to 100 or removing immunity from each act. Resurrect minions or cast various curses against players to add more unique and champion monsters. I think it would be wiser to remove the Immunity and increase the monster’s stamina and attack power, since only builds for the sake of the Immune. In addition, even if the synergy of all skills is eliminated, it becomes possible to implement more diverse builds. In terms of hunting, the developer created synergy skills to create OP, and accordingly, by granting the privilege of Immune to monsters, the diversity of occupations and skill trees disappeared.

Why didn’t you release a 400% magical damage amplification item while making a 400% physical damage amplification item? Rather than granting skill synergy, it would have been possible to provide a variety of things to enjoy by implementing various items… It’s a pity. The developers of the past and the developers of today do not even know what they are doing and do not do all the comprehensive thinking with the flash of a moment.

You will feel it only now. How many big poops have been packed in the past… Can you feel it? Blizzard’s name vlaue is high, but game planning and balancing are not as expected.

There was no need for synergy skills in terms of diversity. Rather than adding the skill synergy, it was better to present the possibility of various builds according to various items. I think developers must to clean up their mess…

There are many runewords and elite unique items that have not yet been announced in the diablo 2 game. By giving synergy to skills in the farming game, the diversity disappeared, leaving only strong builds and meta. For nearly 20 years, players’ demands have been closed and unheard, and in the meantime, Diablo’s unique strength has disappeared. Now everyone wears a Grief or everyone wears a soul shield. It will be difficult to nerf items that have already been released. I just think of sunder charm like a beginner. I don’t think there is any intention of overhauling the game itself. Now, the developers have made D3 and will also make D4. These are mass-produced RPG games with different skins… Very disappointing.