Summoner is Trash w/o Enigma

Hey all,

I’m pretty pissed off, not gonna lie. Summoner necro was classic d2 so I decided to make one, lvl 80 now and pretty pimped out, but far far off from an Enigma. havent found any ber/jah runes in hundreds of hours of play.

In all the guides, it never says engima is necessary, but lets be real, it is. There is no way to reposition your minions aside from TP. Sure, you can weapon swap to naj’s puzzle piece but you’ll lose several skeletons each time (due to the +skills you lose when you weapon swap).

The A.I. on the minions is so mind-blowingly bad. The guides really need to be re-written to say WARNING: Enigma necessary.

so much time I’ve wasted with this dude.


Enigma is required to play Necro. End of story.


No class should have a weakness. Buff everything, make all minions teleport to enemies. Please actibision give me good boy fix for my big game.


you can get by with a decent tele amulet. It’s kinda like running a marathon in steel-toe boots, but it’s better than barefoot.


Imagine not using a tele amulet to focus your army lel


I got my enigma now so no problem anymore, sucked before then though

bad player will always be bad no matter what

around level 60 i clean hell and everything act5 solo

you dont need a Enigma this armor are for the lazy noob and bad player

anyway everyone know Summoner are the noob build

necro are s tier class

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enigma for noob?

summoner for noob?

lvl 60 you clear house act 5 solo all ez?

what not noob?

it takes you to level 60 to do, I normally get a bump and are doing full clears up to the Hell Ancients by level 15 :slight_smile: