Summon Necro with new Barb merc dual wield?

With the new patch adding the barb being able to dual wielding, would giving your barb merc Last Wish and Beast work? I know that some auras will not stack correctly so does anyone have any knowledge about this?

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Beast can’t be made in a Sword, thus it’s not possible to move Beast over to the Merc. I’m guessing you found out why they didn’t give us an A5 that can duel wield Axes.

A might merc at lvl 85 gives you lvl 17 might, which is equal to Last wish. The might merc can get a higher level of might as his level gets higher. Technically if you have Last wish made before you are 65, the levels between 65 and 85 are better with A5 and last wish, but the Desert Snake passes him up again over lvl 85.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to double stack aura’s through the weapon unless you go with Plague which would suck for a summoner.

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The barbarian merc will be good early on but I cant see it replacing a2 merc. You lose too many auras from using a5 merc instead of a2 infinity might merc.

Probably shame would really have loved to been able to so you wouldn’t have to carry Beast with summoner and lose valuable skill points, had same idea as OP but suspected it wouldn’t work much for same reasons.

Was thinking about using my Zon’s Faith on an A1 for my summon necro. Or her merc’s Pride on an A2. Fana is the better aura, but conc aura has twice the radius. What do people think?

See the thread below on A1 Mercs for the summoner. Might merc is still king,

Pride is one option for the stick on him, is it the best, that’s up for debate. Skelly damage is nice but the main source of damage for a summoner is CE and the first body is almost always dropped by the merc. Pride gives the aura but the actual damage from the stick is not as good as infinity. If you really have the ‘wealth’ to do it make an IG out of Pride and put infinity on the merc. You need to not miss the IG when he goes missing though, he still has a tendancy to wonder off.