Summon druid Wishlist patch 2.6

Hi everyone. I wanted to re-iterate my hopes for the druid getting aditionnal bufs. I really hope Blizzard team reads this.

My hopes revolve mainly around the summoning tree but also with werbear.



  • Immunity to curses.

  • Allies can phase through them. This Allows more allies to engage ennemies simultaneously and prevents the spirit wolves from getting in the way of their allies.

  • Spirit wolves deal physical damage and convert it to cold. This allows auras and other modifiers to benefit spirit wolves the same way they do Dire wolves and Grizzly.

  • When ennemies hit spirit wolves they take cold damage, getting frozen for a short moment.

This passive activates after investing 80 hard points into the summoning tree.


  • Cannot be frozen

  • Maxed resistances( no immunities)

  • Chance of open wounds on strike

  • Two additionnal Dire wolves can be summoned

  • While all 5 Dire wolves are alive their attack speed is increased.

This passive activates after investing 80 hard points into the summoning tree.

PASSIVE : KODIAK GUARDIANSHIP ( applies to both grizzly and werbear) :

  • Cannot be stunned

  • Attacks cannot be interrupted

  • 15% Chance the ennemy stuns himself when striking you

  • 15% chance damage recieved given back to striking ennemy

  • 15% chance of crushing blow (exclusive to grizzly)

Second PASSIVE for Grizzly and werbear :


After being struck a certain amount of times The werbear has the ability to lash out in a roar, sending out a cleaving attack dealing double his normal damage. This attack goes out in a 180° arc and goes through many ennemies at once, reaching the ones in the back (pierces). This attack is used manually by the player once the werbear’s “wrath meter” is full and his ability becomes available. This ability is an answer to melee druid’s lack of AOE compared to casters.
I believe another ability should be created for the werewolf but I’m not sure what it could look like

If the player or his grizzly are hit too often in a very short period of time ( for instance if surrounded and hit from all sides) the bear or druid in werbear form use this ability automatically. This ability helps the grizzly especially when he gets surrounded.

Both KODIAK passives apply either after investing 80 hard points into the summoning tree or 60 points into werbear, grizzly and lycanthropy.

PASSIVE : Nature unleashed

After 70 hard points into the summoning tree, all wolves , the bear and all 3 vines can be summoned at the same time.



Poison vine`s damage stacks with rabies.

Poison Vine`s special toxin slowes ennemy attack and movement speed. Also reduces their chances of hitting.


Infestation ability :

The infested ennemy has twice hia usual HP. Any damage dealt to the infested ennemy simultaneously heals the druid for the same amount. In addition to this the druid also slowly regenerates life while the infested monster is alive. When the monster reaches 20% HP the Vine’s infestation causes his body to mutate gruesomly. He enters into a panicked frenzy and runs towards his closest allies only to explode. The explosion causes severe AOE damage to his allies . The vine slithers away in search of another monster to infest. The vine can only be killed while outside of a monster or during the infestation process which takes a few seconds to complete.


Blight spores :

The vine plants into the ground and grows into a tree. Said tree launches spores which attach to the ennemies. Those spores reduce all resistances including magic and physical.

Mana synthesis :
As long as the tree is alive and the ennemies are affected by the spores, the druid recieves mana regen.

GAIA’S ORDER works as a passive buff to the Vines and activates once 80 hard points are invested into summoning OR 60 hard points are distributed either between spirits (oak sage, HOW, Barbs ) and vines or just vines.


Available once 80 hard points have been invested in the summoning tree, or a minimum of two spirits (oak sage, HOW, Barbs ) are given 20 hard points each.
All three spirits can be summoned at once.

Last point I would improve upon would be the summon’s AI. They should work better. Be more aggressive.

I wanted to add that, the hard point limitations I put in were a way to prevent hybrid builds where a druid could be strong in elemental or shapeshifting and take advantage of the summoning buffs with skillers. It seemed important to me that these buffs be limited to committed summoners willing to accept a tradeoff in the other trees in exchange for a strong summoning build.

I’m not a diablo 2 expert and there are many things I may not have considered…rune words off the top of my head might make these suggestions too strong but quite frankly I don’t think so. Since patch 2.4 the summoner has become a bit more viable yes, but he remains weak and slow going compared to many other characters and builds and a majority of popular and respected content creators for diablo have said as much.

I want this tree to be more than just playable. I want it to be powerful. Like many of you I’m tired of the same cold or lightning sorcs or hammerdin builds running around and having all the fun. Now to be clear I don’t need my summon druid to be as powerful as them. I just need him to be powerful and feel like it.

To be clear I love playing the summoner druid right now, I had one back in the day and when resurrected came out he’s the first build I made, but it’s just frustrating at times when I see all the untapped potential this tree has while other meta builds literally destroy everything effortlessly.

Hope to hear from everyone ! I also hope the critics remain respectful and positive.

Reguarding Hunger and spirit of barbs I believe both of these skills need to be re-worked entirely but I’m not quite sure how. Maybe some here have ideas.