[Suggestion] Unlock equip selling price limit so equip with good mods can sell more

It has been 35000 in hell ever since, but why? A godly equip found while hunting down all the demons out there isn’t worth more?

When not capped, the selling price has always been 1/4 of buying price. A normal staff with some +skills could reach 200K, but when I found the same thing in Hell it’s sold 35K.

That may invalidate GF barb and make gambling easier, ofc. But what harm could it do? Gold is almost worthless while trading and we have 25M gold cap in each stash. I don’t see any harm if players can fill it sooner.

I mean, this does not make end game easier, but make mid-game more comfortable. Repairing teleport charge amulet/staff and reviving merc are expensive when you are not rich enough/don’t have Enigma yet. Also, sometimes you need to repair expensive runewords, like Edge when you want to summon again 20 Hell Cows for Ubers(for example).


You’re not wrong. But it’s also a non-issue. Just more of wanting to fundamentally change the game, which at this point, they may as well, honestly.

Yeah just want to point that out; they probably won’t change it anywat. At least I hope that someone could agree with me, that could make my life a little bit easier before having end game equip.