Still no solution to "Your character is already in a game" issue?

“For players unable to create or join game lobbies, we’ve been evaluating activities that have prevented them from being able to play in those sessions. We’re actively working to find a solution to these issues.”

major bummer


I think you misread.

Furthermore, our team is working to resolve the issue of character lockouts. Many of these characters are already in the process of being unlocked. We anticipate this process will take a few hours to complete.

Your issue should hopefully be resolved in a few hours. They are actively unlocking now.

yeah im not sure if my issue is a character lockout or if it is the issue that I quoted. Do you know?

yeah lets evaluate all theses people daring to leave games during server lag time

Im ready to play now with my friends, not in few hours


Yes, the part I quoted is about the chars that are stuck in that limbo where they appear to be locked online. Your specific issue is what the lockout section they are talking about is.

What are you talking about? People leaving games has nothing to do with the issue the OP is talking about. People did not create this issue by entering or leaving games.

this reads
we duno what to do, so we tell them to wait hours maybe they get bored and move on

No, seriously. It takes time to process all the locked chars. The unlock process has to be done for each one. I would hope that is some sort of automated script, but it still takes time. That is what they are doing. It should be done in a few hours if there are no issues.

Yesterday they restarted servers and it unlocked all within 5minutes… why the **** do we have to wait more than 3 ****ing hours now?


than ks for clarifying, here is update from lead dev


even with a new char i cant join or create…
im so pissed right now


They could resolve “unlocking” the characters in a matter of a few minutes by restarting the server. They haven’t found a resolution to anything, and are hoping that within a few hours they will and then they will restart.

Thanks. Adam Fletcher is not the Lead Dev though :slight_smile: He is the lead Community Manger. Technically the Community Management Lead :slight_smile:
I am sure the info comes from the tech team though.

Public confirmation that it was a database issue and what is required to fix it helps explain why a simple restart does not fix it. The restart was what caused it.

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That is how your chars got broken apparently - server restart messed up the database. See the CM note the Op linked above.

the same issue happened to project diablo 2 mod launch but it took more than 1 day to solve. Hopefully Blizzard has more ppl working on the task but this is another ruined day that will severely impact the wealth of whoever got stuck while the rest be able to play


The message from the CM appears to point to a database issue and that might not be fixed by a server reboot as, obviously, the database doesn’t loose track of information on a reboot ideally.

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yes they did, you investigate wrong issues than and you will fix nothing or very little

Well, Blizzard disagrees with you. The issue of locked “your char is already in game” was caused by

Not by individuals leaving or entering during lag. It was related to the restarts.

then tell me, why i cant join or create a game with a new char

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I’m not tech savvy, so try to approach my question with an open mind.

If the game/server/database thinks we’re still in a game, how are they going to determine who’s bugged and who’s actually in a game? Do I need to submit a ticket or something so they know I’m bugged?