Spirit & Dire Wolf Movement Speed

I’m really enjoying the zoo druid and think the developers have done a great job. The biggest problem is the spirit and dire wolf movement speed is incredibly slow as they move from monster pack to monster pack.

To fix the issue, I would like to suggest increasing the movement speed of both the spirit wolf and dire wolf by 30%. Thoughts?


I like it. and it makes sense. they are wolves after all.

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Agreed, and feel this minor change will definitely help solidify the zoo druid as being a very solid build.

It helps a lot before get enigma

Yes the movement speed is way to slow its almost slow motion :slight_smile: never seen a wolf that would move that slow. The AI is another problem very often u see 4-5 wolves running around doing absolutely nothing while the rest are engaging mobs


A movement speed increase would be much appreciated. I think spirit wolves are supposed to teleport as well but they just don’t seem to.


Well if their teleport is just as slow as their movement speed its probably not going to happen before the mobs are killed anyway :smiley:

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Btw if u think they are slow the wait till u see them get decrepified :slight_smile:

If you stand on the steps in front of Baal, he will only curse you, not your summons.

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I know but in chaos sanctuary they get decrepified a lot :slight_smile: they are almost frozen when they get decrepified

They could improve the summon AI ten-fold, and Zoo druid would still be weak compared to a player-controlled druid build. This is the problem with passive build that relies 98% on creature AI (the other 2% is where the player teleports to).

Yeah, this either needs to be fixed, or removed from the tooltip… Same problem with hunger… Tooltips shouldn’t lie to players, nothing worse than investing skill points and it doesn’t do what the tooltip says…

The one advantage summon druid has over summon necro is that they can cast their summons on-top of enemies… This helps if you don’t have enigma or a teleport staff… It’s one of the few ways the zoo druid can be active with their skills :+1: works well with bear and spirit wolves (don’t do it with dire wolves, it will reset their enraged status)

Agreed, it does look like slow motion movement :slight_smile:


Its actually pretty fun now. It will probably never be a S tier build and thats not what we are asking for but at least make them move like wolves not some old turtles with crutches


I believe the zoo druid has the capacity to be top B tier or low A… we will see where the build lands. I just want the wolves to move faster :slight_smile:

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I think the movement speed is an easy fix :slight_smile: dont know about the AI though but i want wolves to move like wolves :slight_smile:

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I only did testing with Enigma on PTR for Summon druid, but as far as I remember from leveling on Live, they were both slow. Also, speaking of slow summons, isn’t the Valkyrie super slow as well?

Agreed, fast wolves would be a really cool change and hope they consider it.


Well for people not using Enigma they are very slow and if u are playing any kind of active skill like using fury and a weapon in Werewolf form they will be miles behind u most of the time. Dunno about the valkyrie though didnt really try but u might be right

100% agree on the movement speed and ai issue. easily accessible vigor on an item that could be put on a merc would help but would also limit variability so base speed may be the way to go. There was a comment below about casting your summons on monsters as you go which is a great technique that improves both offense and defense but not enough.

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Agreed, plus wolves are FAST, but they move like molasses.

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