Someone know what's the patch was for today?


I just add my game updated now but see no patchnote nowhere. Did someone know what change?

Top pinned post in the forum :slight_smile: They have been updating that one.

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Well, i must be dumb because i didn’t see anything :smiley:

The last pinned post i saw was from 7 days ago.

Scroll to the bottom of it. There’s an update to the one below it too. So possibly multiple updates.

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Thanks a lot my friend :smiley:

Nintendo Switch Update on PC? Err… ok?

Yeah, I had the wrong one, sue me. I was trying to help him find where the message was because Blizz likes to update crap at the bottom of existing posts :slight_smile:

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The top pinned post has an update for Switch.
It’s the second pinned post, the one for the 10.15 PC/Console patch, that was updated with the new PC info, as per the edited titie… “(Updated on 10/19)”

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Not a great update, but that was expected. It’s just 5 mb.

where download new patch

It’s been 18 days since my last time I played D2R and since then, nothing changes about the CTD/Crashes. I’m playing on SP. My system meet the requirements (AMD 2700+, Nvidia 1660, 32 GB RAM, SSD)