So no ptr today ?!?!?!?

Where is the public test realm!??!?!!?!!?!?!?

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Drop down under the big ol blue play button in the launcher.

People seriously need to cut-down on the caffeine around here…


Furthermore it’s not the 2.4 ptr so you shouldn’t be so excited for it lol.

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Yeah, that’s gonna be a whole other melt-down when people realize there won’t be any new content/changes to play with in this PTR…


people assume now a days
instead of reading or checking things out

What makes you say that!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

(Anyway, it’s around lunch time on the west coast right now, so maybe in a couple more hours we’ll see PTR.)

And even though it’s not the 2.4 PTR, I still want to see how annoying I can be spamming game creation and stuff with the new database updates.


I’m gonna spend 15 minutes just leaving and creating games as fast as I can


i do not have the option for it unfortunately… and i know its only a database/server ptr …

Figured it out. Gear next to the PLAY button. Game Settings>Beta>Swith to Beta. Restart launcher when prompted. Change game version to Public Test Realm. Download game and play. yw

A sticky was just thrown up.

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Yep, which says exactly what we said earlier.

Open to everyone who has D2R. Use the drop down over the Play button to select the PTR.

If someone does not see that yet, close the launcher and restart it. That can kick it to update.


Thanks dear!, downloading now!

Also, even though it says “30 GB required” when installing the PTR version of the game, it copies almost all of that from your existing install. In case anyone was worried about a 30 GB download.


Excellent! Great info to share. I have not tried it yet. Still have IRL things to do :slight_smile:


This is how all Blizzard PTRs work now. If you do not already have an install from a previous PTR it will copy over the appropriate retail client data and then perform a small inline update from the CDN. Only World of Warcraft really has space issues as they now have something like four versions (retail, classic, TBC, classic season of mastery).

If only Doom Eternal was like this with updates.

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Dude its not even a proper PTR , nothing has changed. They are testing servers which is impossible with 20 ppl on the PTR this is a joke

Something we should not have to do … we want to try new features not tell them their sh**tty lobby still does not work properly

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