Small update from Pez - Current PTR will close Wed 2/9 "for a week or so", Ladder PTR prep

I wonder what other balance changes we’ll see.


up your set belts while you can!

crap, i still need to up the iratha’s :laughing:

At this rate we won’t see ladder start till April lol they may as well launch ladder on April fools since the balance patch is a joke.


Ladder will launch soon after D2R release.

“We want to make sure the servers are stable for ladder.”

Ladder will launch soon after 2.4 patch release.

“We want to make sure there are no game breaking bugs for ladder.”

Ladder will launch soon after the new D3 season.

“We didn’t want the launch to coincide with the new D3 season.”

Ladder will launch soon after WoW’s 9.2 patch.

“We wanted you to enjoy the WoW content patch before diving into the ladder race.”

Ladder will launch soon after summer.

“We wanted to make sure you didn’t miss the ladder race while on your tropical vacation.”


Surely they are deploying the new, improved, fully working channels and in-game chat system?

Who am i kidding , not happening, i might go play the next ladder in Legacy !


I just don’t expect anything from Blizzard, you can’t be disappointed then. The dragging out of the ladder is absurd.


the ww barb is very underwhelming maybe i will take a break for season 1 anyway season 1 dont offer anything good for barb and i have already a perfect roll botd great pole axe
2 x Grief Fortitude ect … maybe i will go try lost ark and play the berserker :rage: :muscle:

anyway i have no more character slot free for d2re and eveyone from d2re are in the mute mode how the crap i`m suppose too create new character with no character slot

is just so bad too put o effort on the ww barb

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Agreed Barb was my go to toon 20 years ago and loved it, I Havent touched it since d2r came out. Sad they never re-fixed it


Can’t wait for all the forum posts complaining about how they released ladder too soon when it becomes a steaming pile of bugs and unforeseen problems.

Mob with pitchforks.

We want our ladder! You promised us ladder! Ladder when? Ladder now!

Blizzard assures they will launch it when it’s ready.

We’ll go play other games! We will! Watch us as we stand here, while leaving to go play other games!

Blizzard releases first ladder season for D2R.

Alright! Wooohoo!! Grind time! Shakos get yer gemmed – errr I mean unique shakos!

Crowd suddenly falls silent.

This is a buggy piece of crap!
Man why did you release it like this!?
Dude, this should have stayed in development for longer!

Blizzard looks around with arms outstretched, stumped.


Still have some nightmare of Iron maiden curse casted on my barbarian when I was doing Chaos

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barb never go there

barb back them make river of flame down , Iron maiden again a 350 lance mean you die

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I was 10 :wink: , I didn’t know much about farming, I was just trying to kill diablo with each class.

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i`m guessing you have a hard time in Chaos with a barb back them :slightly_smiling_face:

It takes some seriously messed up logic to think a theoretical glitchy launch of ladder 5 months late is even remotely on the gamer and not blizzard. What is wrong with you?


If Blizzard released ladder before testing and fixing the issue that forced them to place queues and rate limiting, people here would have had Blizz’s head on a pike. Same thing if they released an untested ladder.


It’s been over 4 months. They are the only ones the blame. This should have been tested before sept 23. Now we accept mistakes happen. Ok. What have they been doing? This isn’t their priority and anyone who thinks it is is insanely naive

Edit: you don’t get to underdeliver constantly and play the victim. They over promised and refused refunds. This is theft and people like you are why they get away with it. I didn’t pick sept 23 they did. I didn’t deny refunds for those expecting ladder “shortly after” they did. I didn’t lie and say shortly after when I hadn’t even tested ladder. Like wtf. They advertised ladder for launch as a big part of pre sale before the last minute delay


I think you missed the point of my post, it wasn’t to assign blame to any party for any reason. Rather, it was to shed light on the inevitable in a illustrative and humorous way.


Pfft. Was one of my favorite places to run with all melee characters. I also walked to Baal rather than leeching of teleporters.

Beserk was your friend.
You could also bait curses other than IM the vast majority of the time. Honestly, most melee toon just have never utilized their full skill trees.

The only builds that were really dangerous vs old Obk’s were frenzy barbs, and zealers. Every other build and class had ways to not die.

In fact, the last barb I made in LoD was a WW pole barb with Ebotd. Could 1 hit De Seis in a full party. Was (more than once) told to slow down!!! by teleporting sorc’s and hammerdins that I ran right by.

What I find funny now is people like drunski saying you shouldn’t take melee to Chaos Sanctuary still…ummmmm ya this is where I tend to level my melee characters after IM was removed. It is quite a bit easier than walking to Baal, in very large part due to harpies in WSK3. They are pretty dangerous, but can still be dealt with in most cases if you are careful.

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Still no word about fixing bugs and unplayable pre-expansion.

Someone asked what they have been doing. Can you say YouTube! Instead of working on a ladder they have comedy hour on you tube every day. Did you catch the part they don’t want to interfere with diablo 3 ladder season?

I really like the part where they will take dtr of for a week or so while they work on ladder. Better call the Orkin Man. Will say one thing for diablo 2 resurrected the graphics are nice. Can’t say much about the ladder though.

Simply unbelievable. Had i ever screwed up like these guys. I would have been fired and never haired again.

Stay safe everyone!