Setting priority to real-time fixes stuttering and fps drops

Its weird that offline I do not have this issue of stuttering and fps drops in the game. When I play online it’s awful. I managed to fix the online fps drops by setting d2r program to real-time priority in task manager.

I have this stuttering problem in offline single player, and changing d2r’s priority to real-time doesn’t help me at all. Its been going on like this ever since August of last year, when they did a minor patch. Is there a way to get a developer’s attention so that they can fix this? I am not having luck with Blizzard’s support.

Hopefully, they will address it in the next update or season. I know a lot of people are having this issue.

I remember responding to your issue back in the bug report section.
on how to start an online game from a shortcut, with set number of cores, and additionly with high priority…
also the best solution for game hiccups is actually to reinstall the game by uninstalling it from the drive completely and installing it agin from sctarch.
this is because CASC file system (a.k.a new segmental d2r filestytem) has problems in beeing fluent when fragmented too badly ( the fragmentation issue is also a problem on ssd drives, however on contrary to hdd’s there’s no easy fix for it on ssd, as de-fragmenting would literally kill the drive, or cause even more mess). so the best solution is either a new install, or migrating to a totally new drive, which i did recently, and all my stuttering problems are all gone now.

as for stuttering online thre are only two solutions:
#1 unpack CASC file contents to game directory like MrLlama recommends, or get a better internet, with less of a packet loss. I’m aware of at least one internet knot somewhere around germany for example that’s recently, benn acting strangely and causing folks all over germany to have d2r connection problems. It’s not D2R servers that are unstable, it’s their connection fault. not Blizz not ppls routers not even their ISPs but somwhere on the way between their ISPs and blizzard. frankly the only thing they could do to resolve the issue is change the isp and hope the next one doesn’t have the same issues…

Also I found another fix. I unparked all my cores and this fixed it as well. I used the park control program to unlock it.

I’d be reeealy careful in your place, because as soon as blizz becomes more active regarding keeping their policies, a.k.a banwaves, You might become a colateral damage, since “park control” is technically a third party program, that interferes how system behaves. on the other hand i use windows native command line with “start” parameter to launch the game, nothing more, it’s just a different/alternative way of launching a program in windows, so nothing sketchy here, on the other hand you use a program that’s virtually unknown to the warden, andit uses elevated system access, so warden might think it does something fishy with d2r process itself.

I wouldn’t rely on a third party program to solve your issues, when blizz monitors your system for third party apps running in the background, when playing blizzard games…
you risk a ban.

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