Servers down again

here we go again…


1 hour ahead of schedule blizzard! How are we going to dupe runes if you can’t crash it every day at the same time?

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Here is our chilling session again in forum :slight_smile:

Servers aren’t down the game creation queue is in effect now to limit the flow of data during peak time.

Seens like Blizz are doing a server reset every day at same time to prevent overload, isn’t seens it?

blizzard’s reputation was already bad, its just getting worse and worse


If they are going down everyday a same time, why not sticky it so everyone knowm instead of hoping today will be the day I get to play!

Good point… who knows? Maybe cause boys can try to use that game reset to dup items or some sh*t like that… Idk but these drops everyday same time is very strange!

well the game works for me again , was a small server crash i can live with that


i just logged in and hopped in a game no problem.

youre a tad too early :wink:

lets see what happens in ~1 hour

Stuck on connetcting to Battle dot net for quite long time then I get a message “an issue occured…” and can’t join online.

Will try switching realms…

Yep, Asia realm is down.

Edit: its working again.

Was out for about 15 mins. Could then see my character but not join or create games. Exited out and loaded back in. Can join and create again! A miracle.

Get ready for a big weekend of servers going down on our primetime play time GG blizz , Truly pathetic.

Should we just move to D3?
At least its playable…

we could if we wanted to play a bland game but apparently we don’t sicne we are still here discussing D2R.

Hey folks,

If you’re getting an authentication error, see the paragraph named “Login Queue Creation” in Bliz’s pinned thread right here in the GD form.

Its much better now. Lets see how weekend goes.

I thought that was what was happening but I never got a queue, just a long loading time and a network error message at the end.

That said it works now.