Servers Are Now Up - Oct 11

Self explanatory, no one is online.


Confirmed. Me and 3 friends have no chars in online account.

Hey again everybody,

We are aware of the connection issues and already on it. Appreciate the reports.


Same. Along with the near-constant crashing.


Add me to the list, was playing fine and tried to switch characters, black screen then no online characters.


Same here, all my online characters disappeared while exiting one game to start a new one after finishing a baal run. What is going on?


same here - no characters anymore…
please fix!


The game doesn’t tell you it can’t connect. It doesn’t default to the Offline tab if it can’t connect. You just get a blank Online char list.

And here it starts again. No character, server down, and continued frustration is all the loot ive found today


I can createa new character but my characters are all gone… those of you that said same problem again… how did you resolve it?

Same issue, my game crashed and then I had a delayed login screen with no characters showing up. Any idea of what is causing this issue?

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Wow 2 days in a row. get kicked out of game and come back and no characters… Thought the patch was supposed to stabilize the game not make it worse. I have had more issues since the patch than before.

same here, no characters.

Same. Hope this gets fixed soon.

Waited 3 hours for the “your character is already in a game” bug to be fixed. Played for 10 minutes, game crashed, now all my characters have disappeared.

I paid money to buy this game to find out it is equally bad or maybe even worse than 15 years ago…


3er time in 2 weekend days !!! NO CHARACTERS TY!

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I just tried to log on and have a blank characters list will they come back? I’m pretty upset about this

well I had a couple hours this morning before I lost my characters again, please fix

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me also hmmm i think how that look d4 i pissed on blizz i lost my time and money

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