Seriously? I have to wait in a queue to play?

Players are the ones at fault for the Queue NOT Blizzard. Players coming into this game with the mentality they can treat it exactly like the original is the entire problem. And this is about the enforcement of consequences for not listening…nothing else

So they do a REMASTER and I can’t play same way I played 20 years ago? Seriously?

Are you still going to defend a company that provides a worse service than the original 20 years ago with all the current technology? Are you going to say that the problem is players farming items? Then drop rate high and rename the game from REMASTER to REMAKE and change a lot of stuff. The truth is that they were simply negligent with the service and at the very least careless, the problem will never be the customer but who provides the product/service.


No you cannot. Know why, because this is D2R, not the original. Blizzard never said it was the original, they never promised the original, and D2R advertised to be anything like the original. So that means D2R is not supposed to be being played like the original.

Your mentality on that is causing self created problems and as and end result, it’s exactly why there are QUEUE’S.

You like everyone else trying to use the original as a method to argue/debate keep trying to turn D2R into something it’s not, and never going to be and no matter what is said about that, it never sinks in. You’ve caused your own problems because of your mentality.

If you want the original, go play the original. As long as you are in D2R, and have the mentality of the original, you are going to continue having problems.

Most funny thing for this week end :smiley:


Are you sure you’re not making a joke? I’m not getting the sarcasm if this is the case. Dude, there’s D2:R, who everywhere you’ll see them saying “REMASTERED”… do you know what remastered means? If they were smart and left the game with TCP/IP enabled, no one would need those servers and everything would be fine. LOL

Everyone, let’s all give a round of applause to this guy who works hard to defend Blizzard from his own mistakes.


The processing power of a server required to run a game shouldn’t be much different than it was 18 years ago. The calculations and data required shouldn’t be much different.

Meanwhile, processing speeds have increased 2^8 (doubles every 18 months) or 256 times since then. It worked in 2003 and you’re telling me they can’t do that now? Stop defending them. This is not defendable with science.

I am not getting used to that, I am not playing until they fix it, if they don’t, well that’s on them, if enough people stop playing and buying blizzard games they will go down.

I am doing my part.

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Easy fix relates to time management.

For example, if you plan on playing on any given day, launch game 1-2 hours before your intended game time. If you do it right, the game will end up waiting for you.

You can thank me later.


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We need to show up at the front door!!! and beat it down they cant arrest us all!!!

I’m not going to read the rest of this cuz it’s probably trolling.

Ok time for the shotgun approach:

What part of this are you clowns not getting through your head:


Pissing and moaning about servers, or it’s a million dollar company, and or whatever else you trolls want to keep trying to use to argue IS NOT VALID OR RELEVANT.

Blizzard said do not do it and that ends it.

Everyone: Stanner is either a troll or one of the densest people on the planet. Do not engage.

That isn’t relevant because BLIZZARD SAID DO NOT FARM THIS GAME, so guess what, STOP FARMING THE GAME…how fricking hard of a concept is that for you trolls to grasp.

Queue times are because of people like you who cannot stop trying to turn a game that isn’t the original Diablo II, into the original Diablo II.


If I would follow things random people (including blizzard) said to me - I would not be were I am - successful in life.
No great person ever listened what others said - that’s why they become great.

This guy for real? Lol

Yeah, players fault for not having time management and discipline. Lol

Just do push ups and read philosophy while in queue. You’re fault for not taking advantage of the free time blizz gave you. Lol


You are an absolute white knight :joy::joy::joy:. What a champ you are! Actually, yup, it’s the same EXACT game, with the same EXACT legacy coding, as blue posted in the link. Sorry buddy, but you need to remove yourself from Bobby Kotick’s ***.

Also, dip****, the ques are from there being a global server that handles all realms collectively. The que times you see here, are because of peak times in Asia. You are so far up Bobby Kotick’s *** I only see the bottom of your feet. This is pure negligence on a multi billion dollar company for not forking out the time and money to account for demand. They want the player base to just quit, so they don’t have to implement any additional hardware. It’s greed. Little white knight :joy::joy::joy:

you live under a stone???

Not defening or anything. The current issue isn’t about hardware, is about reuse the old code which had several limitations. Like WoW most likely used the same code and had the same limitations.

While hardware improved, most of the game logic didn’t changed, thats their fault for overseeing that.

The science is that you can code a code with poor scalability and even with a supercomputer you would have bad performance when you try to scalate. Is a fundamental flaw on their arch design. Which is the root of most issues, that came from d2. Most of those issues were present on d2, just were less severe because didn’t had several folks in the same server at same time, they had several realms and their playerbase was really smaller.

Blizzard said not to farm. What am I supposed to do that doesn’t break the game?

What is your proof that making a game every 5 mins is causing this queuing issue and instead not a problem with their code that they coded that they have no solution for except to force people not to play? A blizzard post? That makes absolutely no sense.

If Blizzard is saying not to farm, how they expect I get 1:200.000 on drop without /players x in online? Diablo is farm, Diablo is runs to exp, Diablo is what Blizzard don’t know what it is or negate this fact only because they don’t have infraestucture enought.