Season when - need to plan vacation

Hey blizzard, season start when. My boss told me i have to tell him vacation plan for next year. Need info ASAP.

you are on here enough to know the ptr has to launch before they say anything still

Vacation for ladder? Lol!


Why? We dont need PTR for ladder start. Ptr is only to test some new stuff. They didnt even need PTR for last patch with new features so i guess PTR will be only for testing new content or major changes. Nobody said first season will have that.

Its already like two months from release, its really time for season. Servers seem stable now already.

What is wrong with it?

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Nothing wrong with vacation for a game, though with many major releases getting delays last couple of years…as for ptr, they are ptring the db changes so they can ensure they don’t screw up our character saves. Won’t do ladder any good if characters keep deleting, on a more grand scale than the deleting items and offline corruption issues we have now.

The primary focus of that PTR will be revolved around fixing database issues and stabilizing our online environment. Once we are confident these fixes are in a good place, we’ll share more details on Ladder rank play and even more new changes coming to Diablo II: Resurrected.

from the patch 2.3/ptr announcement blog

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If it’s an online game 99% likely the servers will be down/crashing/long queue and the forums will be on fire.

Real pro tip is to save the vacation for the workdays after the weekend launch.

Find a better job imo I mean LOL my old jobs always let me take vacation with 2 weeks notice.

No it isn’t. Season should not happen until it has been x months, where x is the length of a season. In other words, this is the first season. Next one should not start until 6 months, or whatever the length of seasons will be.

Its a good job but i need to cooperate my vacation with like other 3 people. So I want to prevent situation where dates will be taken by someone else.

But this topis wasnt made to be super serious :slight_smile:

probably dont even have a job.

I am working every day 8,5 hours buddy :slight_smile:

was a joke, kinda like your post