Season 3 ladder reset timing update

Hello all

Happy New Year!

We have seen a good amount of questions related to ladder reset timing for S3. Ladder start times are always important to know in advance for D2 so we wanted to provide a quick update.

For D2R, we are expecting ladder reset for S3 to begin sometime in mid-February. We will share more specifics with the community once we have confirmed dates in the coming weeks.

Hoping this helps with scheduling for some for now and we will be following up with more info soon.


Thanks for the update!

You guys could do the same for D3 also.


Weird. Because we did. :kissing_heart:


Thanks! Haven’t been there yet. :smile:

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Thanks for the update!

Really hope I interpret your post (compared to the D3 one) correct and we DONT get another PTR and more weird changes.

TCP/IP support or something compareable would be the best thing ever though - and it does not need a PTR :wink:

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Hope you had a good New Years Pez, thanks for the update!

Seems like there won’t be a PTR this time around, hmm. I’m thinking bug fixes, maybe some small tweaks to terror zones, maybe a few new runewords.

Finally Pez return!!! missed u posts, im ready for a new ladder and i hope that u guys could add more qol changes like gem and rune stacks, that will make the game so much better!


so that’s why you guys completely forgot last time then started a PTR… riiight. you guys care about communication. ROFL. give your head a shake and stop lying to people that know better.


i wonder what controversial addition youll do this time :wink:


I hope there will be substantial balance changes. I’m fed up with a cold sorc…


hah, hahahahaha, hahahahaha. no i think TZ and sunder are here to stay unfortunately. diablo 2 grind after you beat game is ez mode now. which i don’t understand, the game just, gets easier as you level, and now you can find a charm that negates any difficulty… sweet isn’t it they also drop constantly i’ve found 2 sunders off one monster… not rare enough imo


Thanks for the information.

There is still plenty of time :joy:
Mid February will probably be something like 23rd. They can easily throw in a PTR on the beginning of Feb to have it 2 weeks running before the actual start.

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Perhaps, we shall see. It seems like he would’ve mentioned it here if there was going to be one rather than a surprise though.

Looks like a relatively “simple” reset to me, too, no new content.

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[2.4 Patch] Pvp is compromised - Fast Hit Recovery / Stun Issue - General Discussion - Diablo 2 Resurrected Forums (


One tip for S3
Terrorize everything and after that terrorize zones.


Not sure if PezRadar’s verbiage was intentional but in the D3 update, he said S28 PTR update was toward the end of January.

In D2R update, he stated S3 start was mid-February. He made no mention of PTR for D2R.

Hoping for some QoL improvements, at least?


looking like no changes this patch just an ol Ladder reset.