Sanctuary Aura still not removing physical immune

Tried using a Lawbringer on the new Act 5 mercenary, and it still wasn’t removing immunities from the undeads with physical immune.

I’m assuming you mean it wasn’t removing undead physical immunity for you, Sanctuary only removes physical immunity for the aura-bearer, it doesn’t remove physical immunity for others.

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I wasn’t aware it was supposed to? Nothing on the tooltip says anything about reducing Undead’s physical resistances. Am I missing something? I think Lawbringer’s decrepify proc should remove the immunities on some monsters, but I’d have to check if only Amp Damage can do that.

Sanctuary sets undead physical resistance to 0. That’s actually a good post for PTR Feedback, the tooltip should be updated to reflect this fact.
Sanctuary (skill) - Basin Wiki (

  • Damage Resist of undead is pierced: the supplier’s physical damage is applied as though undead have DR 0%, even when Immune to Physical. However, DR % is not pierced when calculating Crushing Blow damage: it remains completely ineffective against Immune to Physical undead. [3] [4]
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Ah, if that’s the case than it’s working as intended. I assumed it worked for everyone because of this quote from the wiki.

“This skill also completely removes Physical Resistances and Immunities of any Undead monsters, so they are always guaranteed to suffer full damage from all Physical attacks of the Paladin and his allies.”