Sanctuary aura paladin

Please consider changing it to damage undead AND demons, not just undead.

It’s not op, it’s ability will be limited to attacking only demons and undead then, no beasts etc. Also damage is laughable but it will at least be considerably useful in some cases instead of being utterly useless.


Well, I’d like adding Demons to Sanctuary if it wasn’t just adding another Zeal variant. Sanctuary has Knockback on the pulse. What if you also made it so the pulse triggered on striking?

That way it’s still useable by a Zeal Paladin to handle Physical Immunes, but the knockback effect makes it less desirable as a main aura.

However, a Charge Paladin would benefit greatly from the knockback effect on striking and it would also give him a slight area of effect damage (since the pulse also does magic damage). It’d give the Charge Paladin a natural aura to use. When confronted with non Demon/Undead the Charge Paladin could switch to Might/Vigor and have to kill them more slowly one at a time.