S1 Runewords & No New Runewords for S2: Can we get an explanation?

You might want to watch where I timestamped… “Now the non-ladder, you can make those runewords. Singleplayer can also make those.”


My biggest issue is not everything transferred over both runes and items have things missing :unamused: :cry: As a matter of fact I just started season 1 and all tabs were full now I have empty tabs and there were no non season/ladder toons or tabs to get in the way

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Thank you, been wanting to find the timestamp…however, it does have additional condition after that senstence tho. It said the reason you can make them on NL is because the new season will have new rw…so since s2 are not having new rw…so the s1 exclusive rw will stay exclusive to s2 until the season they release new rw i assume?

And yes i realized that I am wrong about them not mentioning NL.

I am depressed about this as well


Missing Ladder Items and or Empty Stash Tabs That :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:were full! :rage: What gives Blizzard


Pez, this appears to be a change in direction from the intent when the new runewords were originally announced during the developer chat you held with MrLlamaSC (particularly referencing the discussion from Rob around 6-8 minutes in). Is there any additional information that can be shared as to the reasoning behind this decision?

The D2R Developer Update Stream hosted by MrLlamaSC - DIABLO 2 RESURRECTED

Pez’s reply:

Yep - I’m aware of this. I did inquire on what the intent was here and they had mentioned they were planning on moving these to NL when new runewords appear in a new season. New runewords didn’t land in S2 so they are keeping them exclusive to Ladder for this season until new ones are introduced and they will then push them into NL play.

The comment above is specific to the Sunder Charms comment.

So the 2.4 ladder runewords could become available to create in non-ladder as soon as 2.6 or theoretically never if they don’t add any more ladder runewords.


Thanks for the info.

I’m still wondering if they decided to go with an alternating or staggered update scheme…

Example so far: Odd seasons are character skill balancing/runeword additions. Even seasons are gameplay additions…

Maybe just to slowly deliver the content they have planned over a long period of time. I mean we were frozen in time for 12 long years without any changes… Maybe they decided to take things slower starting out. An explanation why would be great, otherwise all we can do is speculate.

I’m fine with them taking time to introduce new things, but the things that they DO introduce should be available for the entire player base after the ladder they are introduced in.

We can trade these runewords from the old season 1 players that have moved to non-ladder, but we cant make ourselves. Why?
Season 1 new runewords from non-ladder please?

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Huh, a bit disappointing, even if the new ladder stuff will probably eventually get to NL. Would’ve thought that the devs generally meant any new ladder content when they talked about new RWs. I guess not then.

That’s if they have any! I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that very few people had any runewords or much of anything else, Since really only things that transferred was what was in the toons inventory or personal tab, Shared tabs were completely empty

wrong. Share tabs are available as well

Blizz has handled development of this game very poorly. At this point any update is a slot machine.


good job Buggzard,… good job.

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Yeah that’s total bs. I actually don’t care if that’s what they really want to do but they never mentioned it. Many people were anticipating ladder end for this very reason.

He linked the patch notes and it says absolutely nothing about the 2.4 runewords

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That’s terrible… Everyone was saving in NL to create these runewords and now there are gonna inflate the economy because of the limited availability in NL… that’s just insane :S

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From the devs very own mouths

When to Use the New D2R 2.4 Ladder Runewords?

When you can use these D2R ladder runewords? These runewords start to be available with the launch of Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Season 1 and they are Ladder-only items. This means you will only be able to create these runewords during the first Ladder Season, and not be able to create them in single-player or non-ladder characters until the conclusion of Season 1. After that, you can create them in the non-ladder and single-player game and you still have all runewords that you have created.

Im Just literally sick to my stomach over this.


Ok, maybe spend another 4 months accumulating more Cham runes :rofl:

EVERYONE expected the runewords to come to noLadder. To go all paragraph rider with “there were no new ladder RW” is ridiculous.

And why does he have to post on Reddit instead of blizzards own forum?


Yeah exactly. It would be one thing if they said originally they would only be available in ladder. Then I wouldn’t have leveled characters specifically anticipating ladder end. Make them available immediately.

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