[Runeword] Obsession should +all 6 or 7 all skills to outplay HOTO/Spirit sword + Spirit shield, which also adds block

Also when he made that video he didn’t fill the inventory with grand charms. This made the +%skill damage on all the weapons he was comparing to less effective. When you fill your inventory with GC’s then obsession really falls off the map.


yup i really see no reason to use this runeword at all.

The tradeoff you get with this item is higher life because you don’t have to put points into STR to equip a Monarch.


and you are ignoring the 24% chance to proc Weaken when struck. 42% damage reduction is insanely powerful.

if u watch the video Dbrunski made where he compares the different setups u will see that its not in anyway a significant boost. If u then count in the fact that when using a shield u still have a bit of block chance even without a max block setup the difference is even more insignificant

this will never go off anyway on ur sorc unless u play a nova sorc and telestomp a lot. While nova sorc might be the only viable reason to use this runeword at all u will be missing the 10% extra fcr if u want to do 200fcr nova

It doesn’t change the fact that 200% FCR Cold/Fire sorceresses will need to use Griffons in order to hit that breakpoint using this item. That alone immediately makes this weapon non-viable for those two specs or any hybrid spec. This item is very close to being a new alternative, not a new meta. Even with the proposed buffs I listed up top, Eschuta/Dfathom and even Hoto/Spirit still have strong relevance. We just want this runeword to also be relevant.

FYI - a runeword does not need actual runes. Jewels or gems work just as well. Thus you can have a runeword:

Zod - jewel - Tir - jewel - pdiamond - Cham

Pro tip: a runeword which accepts jewels, can accept Facets - drop the junk runes, keep the HRs, add jewels for cutomisation and viola - you have +4 all skills, +3 mastery +3 main skill and - say, three Facets to top it off.


Or they could just improve the runeword.

“Literally, now we don’t have any reason to use Obsession.”

not every RW needs to be comparable to each other but since you feel it is necessary…

the vex in HOTO had more value than the entire Obsession RW combined pre 2.4 making Obsession essentially more accessible than hoto.

Obsession can have staff mods on the base and actually add more +skills to your main skill and/or grant access to a secondary skill without even adding a point to it.

Obsession has massive fhr, all res, ctc weaken plus mf.

There are many cases when Obsession is actually superior…

still too weak

add up
50% damage reduction(equate to 50% block if were using a shield)
make fcr be 80%(total)
All Resists +70-75(
cold dmg +25%(up from ur 10% suggested)
-15% Enemy Fire/Lightning Resists(up from ur -10%)

then the Staff will become viable…the good luck issue is to find a staff with +3 to each main skills…which honestly is next to impossible…i never seen a perf roll on skills in 3 whole years gameplay(pre-remaster) where i was like active for 8 hours everyday

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Developers, please consider buffing the Obsession Runeword such as:

  • +10-15% To Cold Damage
  • -10-20% To Enemy Fire Resistance
  • -10-20% To Enemy Lightning Resistance

Lasty, buff Magic Find to 100% on the staff.


agreed. a new runeword that cost more then existing options and is weaker is the same as not having the new runeword. A zod is 5x rarer then any other high rune and the +3/+3 staff base is also very rare.

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This is perfect. This on a +3/+3 is something worth “obsessing” over.

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Being able to socket three jewels of your choosing on top of +4 all skill +3 main skill seems pretty powerful, I’d say. Single 5/5 facet is worth one skill level, I reckon.

Nobody wants Jewels in runewords. Runewords need to be Runewords.


Blizzard, Obsession needs more buffs to get people’s attention and make it competitive.

Al thought I don’t mind if obsession got buffed. It is the BIS item for dual spec (cold/fire) sorceresses if you find a +3 fireball/+3 frozen orb staff.

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Yeah, at the very least would like to see Magic Find buffed to 100% for Obsession

No it is not, even with a BiS staff roll, it falls off the map once you stack skillers in the inventory due to things like Eschuta/Dfathom have -%enemy res and +%skill.