REMOVE AMERICAS server option from ASIA on launcher

Then ban asia all together if that is the region that is reacting the problem. Many games have done so and server and bot problems cleared up immedietly. These are countries with laws in place to scam and screw companies on trademarks and patents.

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I agree, the queues are huge in the morning, even on business days. Queues at 9am are much larger than in the evening, no way this is NA traffic. Just restrict the regions to their region until you fix the problems. That would be a better solution than the queue


It is not about how many people are logging into the America server. It is a queue to deal with how to limit how frequently the regional servers communicate with the global database. The reason it is particularly bad in the morning here is that there is a ton of players in Asia playing during their primetime on the Asia server. The Asia server is communicating with the global database creating the bottleneck for all regions.

See PezRadar’s pinned post in General Discussion.

I did not know this but from Rhykker’s video D2R is the second most popular game currently being played in South Korea in their internet cafes.

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We should send Asia to another dimension. Extreme measures must be taken to lower the queue in the morning.

Imo, I think each server should have had its own server rather than a Global server like it did in the one

Each region does have its own server. That is not the issue. The problem is that each regional server communicates with a global database. This communication was way too frequent and cause major issues/crashes. That is the reason for the queue.

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They should double the server capacity and go back to the US East/West server that the original game used until they fix their global server problems. I would rather take the east/west split and eliminate the queue. Then they can consolidate into global servers once again, after they are done improving the database code.

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Ah yeah sorry just woke up that’s what i meant to remove the global server communcation

Write a script to run that launches the game a half hour before you wake up. You’ll be further ahead in the queue.

q time for asia is 400 more than US and EU are right now.

Fine, but only if they lock them from EU as well, don’t need even busier servers then we already have.
But its only a bandage in the end, Blizz needs to fix their crap.

Well not completely, you could split them from logging in to the server, keep the jumping into a friends game over servers like it is now.
Which means you couldn’t make games in US servers, but you could play in games there your friends make.

they can not do it because they announced it before released that 3 server linked together. If they do many people can refund or even sue them.

you dont have a q right now? every NA is 550, EU is 480, and asia is 830… i find this hard to believe unless you left your game on all night and that just exacerbates the problem. they need to add an afk kicker.

Why should people leave their game? To wait another 2H to get back in? This is, again, a problem Blizzard made themselves.

So, if you somehow lock players in Asia out of the America’s server, where are they supposed to play where their queue is 1000?

If the America’s queue was 2000, would you play on Asia if it’s queue was 50?

Easy fix.

LOCK regions except for join on friends.

Problems solved WITHOUT creating new issues.

And NO we wouldn’t play on Asia, bc the latency KILLS the game. You know why people dont like this option? Bc it means Asia servers are the issue

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Some people dont leave their computers on all day/night?

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Everyone keeps talking about bots and yet I haven’t seen a single one yet. A quick google search shows nothing but posts from people saying they’re working on one, but not a single one offering a working product.

I think people are just salty because some players are better then them

what happened to china not aloud to play videogames?

spams bots, you think its a human spamming that every 2 mins? if so its a literal robot hitting ctrl v and enter