Quickcast feedback to enable chain lock combos - PvP

Tele chain lock combinations with quick-cast – Needs fixing

Quick-cast does not allow for a change of skill which I believe is an easy fix

The post specifically uses a Paladin Smite/Foh (Fist of Heavens) setup to explain what the problem is and potential solutions.


In PvP the most rewarding and most used mechanical skill is teleport chain locking the opponent. Using legacy controls (without quick-cast) the player can use a skill on either the left or right side to name lock the opponent and follow them around with teleport.

This is a high skill cap play as it requires coordination and has small nuisances to keep effective but is the single most rewarding maneuver in PvP. It can be done with any character, however the legacy controls allow for easier locks and more importantly chain lock combinations. I’ll go into explaining how it’s done, the problems that restrict this tactic on quick-cast and recommended options to allow quick-cast the same chain lock combinations as legacy controls.

Goal: The goal is to have quick-cast be just as competitive as legacy controls and allow more players to even the playing field using quick-cast. It also solves many problems of wanting to change your skill mid fight or duel without having to manually select it.

How to teleport chain lock:

Legacy controls:

On either the left or right mouse buttons whether smite/FOH on the LMB or an aura on the RMB, the player uses these skills to click and hold an opponent’s character. Once the opponent’s character is being held, the player can drag their cursor on their own character (center of screen) and click teleport. This will teleport the player on top of the opponent and have the cursor in position to click and grab the opponent again repeating the process.

Legacy chain lock combination: Using smite as an example, if smite is being used to grab the opponent, the idea is to smite them to create swirls over their head and then as the opponent teleports away. Instead of using smite to click and hold (reacquire the opponent), the legacy controls allow you to switch to FOH and use that to grab the player from a distance to then teleport on them.

The steps here are click and hold smite on the other player to attack LMB – teleport – switch to FOH, click and hold FOH on opponent – teleport – and switch back to smite for the kill. This is the chain lock combination, as it combines the character select and grab with smite and FOH not just smite.

Quick-cast controls: The same click and hold smite on LMB, teleport to opponent and repeat is possible. However what is not possible is to switch to FOH on the LMB to then hold FOH on the opponent, attack with FOH and teleport on them. The reason being is because quick-cast will just cast your FOH and auto-switch back to the main skill smite.

The problem:

Quick-cast does not allow you to swap your skills as an option and this is a very simple change.

Work arounds:

One work around is to manually open up your skills on the left side and select FOH, then use another keyboard hotkey to quick cast smite. This will allow you to FOH the opponent with LMB, hold their name and teleport to them. However, it’s not feasible as it reduces the speed of play and accuracy immensely. To successful do this you have to hover your mouse over a character instead of clicking and then try to spam the quick-cast for smite. The accuracy is terrible, I’ve tried this in PvP and it simply does not work.

Solution Options:

Option #1 – Create a “Change skill” hot key for quick-cast that allows a player to hold “change skill” and press any skill they want to hard set as their skill.

Essentially as the player holds down “change key” the ability would disables the quick-cast and allows them to swap the skills on their LMB and continue to use the newly swapped skill to hold the opponents character/name.

One step further would be if the person holds LMB and smite on the opponent that the “change skill” button can be held down and allows for the swap to FOH via a second hotkey press but it does not interrupt the mouse curser hold on the opponent. That means FOH would hit and the name lock would not break, allowing the user to teleport to the opponent. That is the ideal requirement for my suggestion, and I believe should be programmatically possible.

Usage – If we have smite on LMB and hot keyed “change skill” to F1 it would look like this:

Hold smite on the opponent attacking them creating swirls - Hold F1, + hotkey for Foh, switching to Foh on LMB – Click FOH on opponent and hold then teleport – Hold F1 + click hotkey for smite on LMB – Click smite on opponent for the kill.

If anyone has any other solution recommendations for how this could work please feel free to post your ideas.

Thanks for reading my post and Blizzard if you read this I’m available to provide my feedback for any player testing.

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Good post, see a problem and give valid solutions to fix it. I hope this gets the eyes since its a pvp problem.

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Came across this looking for Paladin tips on chain-locking. This seems like it could improve dueling for T/V’s

Sadly I quit the game as did many others and aspiring new players that wanted to utilize quick cast. Because blizzard isn’t willing to implement this change that’ll take them no more than a few hours. Absolutely would improve PVE and PVP for all types of paladins who are low tier currently.