Queue when connecting to the battlenet

Hey, all.

I never saw something like this before on D2re servers. every time i’m connectiing to battlenet there is a queue! is this just temporary ? does anybody have more info about ?

The best part is after the queue “cannot connect to server”, then you get to wait in the queue again lol.

This was their official response, and why the queue is in place:

thanks !
i hope theyll fix this soon.
have a good one

I hope they upgrade their server.
I sucpect they use the D2 old server for us?

Nice reply, but for ef sake this is a 60 dollar game, not some bargain basement 10 dollar remaster. We expect Blizzard who had 20 years of peak millions of WOW players online understand this?

And don’t tell me you don’t expect this, those numbers of people who bought this are on your database, for every copy sold you knew exactly how many servers you’d need. And for the love of odin a company as big as you shouldn’t need 7 days and counting for fixing a server problem, hell opening a whole new server took less than 7 days.

And character roll back??? On D2??? that’s a cardinal sin, no player should ever ever ever get roll back, lag, issue yes, but rollback??? in 2021???

I’m not a techie and I don’t care about what’s happening, but for 60 dollar 20 years old remaster game with only fake skin too boot I expect better.

You’re not wrong my friend.

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