Queue Times still not fixed?

Been a few weeks now. im in queue for 77 on a sat night. prime time to play the game i paid for. is there a max pop you can have on your servers? surely my money paid for my spot on the server as did everyone elses. where the fk did you spend my money?


Are you in a queue? You are? Then… no.

The issue you’re having is that you think the queue is based on time, when it’s based on load. Nothing is wrong with the queue times as there are no queue times, only positions in line that will lessen when the load on the servers lessons. If you know when all these loads will lesson, please send you resume to Blizzard and Activion, because they could really use this information that only you have knowledge of.

They could easily increase infrastructure, which should have been done based on the # of copies they sold. Nothing but pure corporate greed, cooking the goose that lays golden eggs. The only thing worse is the rabid fan bois defending this blatant theft.


The bottleneck is the Global database. It sits above all the local data centers and above the consoles. That is what gives us the Global progress, Global leaderboards when ladder comes, and ability to play with others around the word without starting new chars.

BUT they used the old code that worked ok at the USEast/USWest level and applied it on that Global Scale.

That database can’t handle all the data that comes in from a global playerbase across PC and Console.

Hence the queues and game creation timers. Those are temporary as they work to fix the database coding and infrastructure.

There is an update that was posted yesterday about it all. One of the temp “improvements” is to make the queue timer give something of an estimate instead of just a random meaningless number that never updates in real time.

I recommend reading the whole thing. It talks about measures to change the database save structure too.

Hello all -

We wanted to provide an update on all the work the dev team has been putting in on addressing some of the database issues that we detailed in our post above a couple of weeks ago.

As we mentioned in our last update, character saves have been occurring on the global database. Next week, our internal teams will begin testing a significant change by having saves occur more often on the regional end, rather than global, in hopes of alleviating some database stress. Once our internal load testing is complete, we will put up a PTR server with this fix to get some real-world testing before rolling out to the live game.

On top of that, we have another client patch that we expect to hit next week which will offer better transparency on queue times by adding time estimates alongside your placement in the queue. We will also be implementing a way to rate limit games with varying times to ensure we can get higher amounts of players in during peak playing periods. This change will also give us a better way to adjust the number of players that can jump into the game during these moments.

Lastly, we have some significant updates coming to the game in terms of bug fixes and features, and we are looking forward to going over all of those updates with you soon.

Thank you again for all your patience as you venture your way back into Hell in Diablo II: Resurrected. We will continue to provide updates when available.

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This is all cost cutting stuff. They didn’t want to fix the infrastructure up front and opted to deal with it later. And now we’re paying the price.


they must be paying brilliant people a lot of money to come up with names like Cassidy instead of making a playable game


So again it is 0600 on a saturday morning West coast time. I am again in a queue. This seems to happen only in the early morning hours here on the west coast which points to the idea that traffic is not from the west coast but elsewhere. Back in the day, Blizz had seperated zones to distribute the load because of these problems. If they have decided to change this and make everything ‘global’, as what is posted above at the same time as a premium rollout without real testing then yes, they are fully responsible for this issue. We payed for D2R and NOT a new global gaming system.


are ppl from asia region just queueing up in US east or something? i dont buy the global database bs

you’d think the “global DB syncs” would only happen when someone switches regions, not all the time

Basically what I am stating is this isn’t a ‘Legacy’ issue they are claiming. They have effectively dumped everyone from all the realms into one realm and is using D2R to test it.

Sorry Blizz, I like D2, D3 and D2R but pretty sure this is the last game I buy from you.


From the explanation, it looks like they are working a new ‘global’ system without regions. So yea, everyone is on the same queue.

If you had bothered to read any of my post history you would see agree with that. This should never have happened. It should have been tested and fixed before release.

The rest of your comments are just plain rude. I get you are angry at Blizzard, but MVPs are other players. You are angry at me for giving the OP the update about server queue changes.

If you want to do that, you could have at least come up with something more original.

It is both. They advertised Global cross progress and Global Ladder Leaderboards. To do that, yes, they are testing a Global region system using D2R. The Legacy part is that the used the old Regional Database architecture and code and tried to implement it at the Global level. That old code does not handle the Global aspect and falls over dead when too much data is thrown at it.

The Global thing would not be an issue if they had done it RIGHT and changed the architecture and coding BEFORE release. That is a pretty big mistake on their part.

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You would think that, but that is not what they did. Hence it was saving char data to the Global database for everyone in real time. Not local then synching.

They are actually changing it to do exactly that, more at the local level with later synchs. The updated I linked has that.

It should have been done BEFORE release… I just… Frustrating.

i know its been said but i can play during west coast prime time que free 100% of the time. but when its so early on a weekend that it is still dark (china prime time) it is 100% endless que . just boot china from u.s. servers. and give them their own server . if they payed millions in copys of this game they deserve to play it too .


GDAMMIT!!! I want to play. LET ME IN!!!



China already requires that any games there be hosted locally in China and be run by a Chinese company. They also must meet a ton of cultural laws (no blood, no bones, etc.).

Diablo2 Resurrected is not sold in China or marketed there. Blizz has not released it for China and has not mentioned doing so. Putting a server there when the game is not released there or approved there would be a bit difficult.

Now, can people in China still find a way to buy it and play it even though their Govt does not approve? Probably.

The bulk though is South Korea where the game is very very very popular in gaming cafes right now.

Regardless though, if they wanted a Global Database and cross progress they should have thought of this and tested/fixed it before release.

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well whatever area country in that time zone general area needs it in that case. its overcrowded

:thinking: So basically it would be a town simulator, and don’t even think of playing a CE necro.

haha ive played in some interesting regions on league and the restrictions are hillarious

Yeah I have no idea how a game like D2 or D2R would be “cleaned up” to meet their cultural laws without destroying the game basically. Probably why they never released it there.