Queue at 8AM EST. How?

I feel like those numbers aren’t accurate… they are some sort of gauge; obviously 125 will take longer than 5 in queue, but I feel like they are leaving off a zero or two? Like, 125 is actually 1250 or 12500?

I always forget HST is even further behind PST its 2:30 am for them right now

And it being 5am in the west coast has what to do with people in in Cental and Eastern logging in right now? All the Americas are waking up. You’re not just fighting your time zone. You’re also dealing with New York, Atlanta, Chicago, and everybody else. In addition to that… people are connecting from outside the Americas.

I get that… The queue numbers aren’t real though and there a giant company… I can not believe that they can’t accept server load of morning time… It doesn’t make sense. I log in at 8 PM EST on Friday night… There is no queue… but there is queue at 8AM? Makes no sense to me.

Guess most are tired after work to get on so they get on after they nap most likely

It seems like the queue simply doesn’t update. I exited the queue and queued back in immediately. When I exited the queue, I was at 137, and when I rejoined it I was at 113.

Some of that was just luck, because when I tried that again I ended up jumping back in at 145 or something but still - seems like there’s a bug with the queue number or something.

Update… 40 minutes in queue at 8 AM. Position according to this is 68. I do not buy that they can not let people into the game. They have Call of Duty that has been able to handle a million players at once… I bet you there is a fraction playing D2R. This is just ridiculous.


Yup. I’ve been at 154 for at least 20 minutes - went through four STP songs just waiting for it to move. Really wish adding an inept queue system wasn’t their solution.

Simplesmente ridiculo, esperar quase 3 horas pra jogar online sinceramente estou decepcionado …

People probably left it logged in since Friday night.

1 worldwide database, asia peak hours.

check one of the other hundred posts about it or the sticky maybe.

it’s “temporary” apparently.

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It’s evening for the Koreans who like to play on our servers. That is a big reason for early morning que.

You know whats an alternative solution that is crazy??? Instead of throttling servers… Why not rent more servers for a short period of time?? Once player count goes down you can stop renting the servers?

It may be early here, but it is prime time in Asia. The queue is due to the global database. Also, this is consistent with there being more concurrent players in Asia. When Blizzard discussed the issue, they stated that one region (presumably Asia) had a few hundred thousand concurrent players.

P.S. It has taken me ~40 minutes to have my queue go from 136 to 50.

Yep almost a guarantee that Kim Jong want’s his Zod so he forces all squid game participants to play or run bots on Americas servers. Maddog’s got it right!


A few “Thousand”?!?! We’re having these queues because there are a few thousand people trying to play? Like they can’t handle 3000 people??

Typo. It should have read a few hundred thousand. Edited.

That is what Blizzard said.

Here is the Blue post

Diablo II: Resurrected Outages: An explanation, how we’ve been working on it, and how we’re moving forward - General Discussion - Diablo 2 Resurrected Forums (blizzard.com)

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You know he wants his BOTD sword and that ZOD is all that stands in his way of having it lol…

This is unacceptable from a big company. How are the servers not prepared enough to handle a normal amount of gamers on it? Does COD ever have queues? No. This is ridiculous.

Blizzard’s just diarrhea now. Hearthstone become crap needing to blow $100 every xpac and half the builds are just broken, they stopped doing work on HOTS, they destroyed the good parts of WoW. This was the last game I was hoping they didn’t suck schweaty balls with but I was wrong. The art team did amazing with the textures but everything else just terrible quality.