Quedtion to fire golem

The fire golem do fire and holy fire damage. The golem mastery gives attack rating. I thought attack rating is for melee. So the golem mastery do nothing for the fire golem damage?

The golem’s punch attack still rolls attack rating, so Golem Mastery buffs both that chance and life/speed of the golem. It doesn’t influence Holy Fire aura though.

Hm, so for a powerful fire golem you need both skills. Then its only for summorer an option…
Bone necro has not enough skill points left.

Golem is not used for dealing damage, but a meatshield/distraction - for that purpose 1 point golem + 1 point Golem Mastery + (optionally) 1 point Summon Resist is enough. However, a Bonemancer could use powerful curses Dim Vision and Attract for that purpose(distraction), and these won’t require much of skill investment - it might look like mine planned Bonemancer. Usage:

  • 18 yards range Dim Vision covers whole screen, and when cast at the edge a half on next one; monsters won’t notice me, and I will be able to shoot them down undisturbed from afar.
  • In case of monsters unaffected by DV i will have Attract which will cause them to fight each other; after that I’ll have an option to use other curse as Attract is not overridden.
  • Other option is Bone Prison/Bone Wall, with addition of Iron Maiden curse.
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