QUE Time 10 AM Saturday Morn 10-30

what in the actual shut the front door is going on in 2021 that we still have a que time for diablo II???

Just finished my new pc
Purchased D2R without reading the reviews. I knew better than to blindly purchase anything blizzard in 2021 but its D2!!

Rip actually playing the game.

Read the sticky posts. Believe what you will. It’s apparently a conspiracy and a complete lie, but whatever.

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As I sit here in que for the past 30 mins at 249 que and its not changing…

Am I supposed to close diablo and relaunch or?

The number is changing in the background. They said the higher your number, the less it updates.

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The sticky posts explains everything you’ve asked.

You’re in queue at 10 am because the login servers are global, so it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

And the queue doesn’t refresh as often when you are above a certain number to save on server load. Your position is going down, it’s just not updating regularly to show you this.

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If you read the blue sticky you’ll get all the answers, but the short version is that without the queue the servers were crashing every single day for three hours straight at 6AM PST / 9AM EST because that’s the peak time globally.