Purchaseable Stash Tabs

It would be awesome for if we were able to buy or obtain an unlimited or large amount of stash tabs for us horders here. Im rocking 6 unique mules, 5 set mules, 1 gem mule, 1 rune mule, and a random item mule. remembering where everything is at is a pain in the @$$. Just a thought and a QoL improvement and a way for players to support the game.


It is called buy a 2nd copy of d2r. Plus being able to buff/rush yourself is worth it on its own. Otherwise we will report you to TLC for being a hoarder and keeping junk…betting 95% of your stuff are worthless.

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Yep - would be nice.

So? i like having…everything. makes the game fun. And if its noob gear i usually donate it. I like hording.

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ehh, it depends. back on non-ladder i was collecting all of the sets just to have the completed collections.

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I completely agree on NL most gear that isn’t GG isn’t worth a thing - especially after a few ladders when all those new NL characters bring their GG gear with them to the NL economy.

But, I also agree it’s none of my business how anyone plays the game, nor how they want to organize their stuff. I doesn’t impact me at all if Blizz offered a $20 “Holy Grail Tab,” or $5 for a new shared stash tab or character slot. Or for a new “currency” tab.

Doesn’t impact me at all. I think people asking for this aren’t hoarders, they simply organize their gear differently than you do.

Asking for Blizz to offer some options - and in a way that provides a new revenue stream to Blizz that they could use to improve/patch the game, seems like a “win-win-neutral” (wins for Blizz and interested parties, neutral to anyone else) proposition.

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People bother playing those characters? Everyone I know just deletes all the characters after every ladder season.

Then it seems you only know very few people…

Damn that’s a lot of mules man. Use those items (make actual characters that will use them!), sell them or throw them away.

Not saying that mules are not needed, but 13??? i’m fine with 3 (2 mules with good pieces, 1 with twinking gear); the rest is on my 6 characters that I play!

I kinda like that there is a limit to storage. Makes me not keep too much junk, encourage me to trade (even though i don’t like trading that much)

I, too only played ladder in D2, but, I think a lot of PVP’ers play NL with the most maxed gear.

Otherwise, it’s only good to play PVM in a casual setting when you want to dominate monsters and make them quake with fear… For a few minutes, then pop out to something more challenging.

There is no trading. I am literally giving items away, and there is no interest. Either everyone has an Infinity and an Enigma and Grief, or there aren’t many NORMAL players playing. As in, “almost none”. This might also explain Blizz’s reluctance to fix bugs and add QoL features.

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