PTR is over, charms are coming Thursday

Waiting for some more updates… Come on @PezRadar, giev us updates!

Refresh… Nothing…
Refresh… Nothing…


I don’t think the blog post will come until later. Tuesday™ or Thursday probably. :wink:




Alright I guess I have no choice. Blargh. Makes me want to go Captain Hook on some clocks. Heh.


do you leave up your holiday decorations year-round? is there not a joy in the work of putting them up each new season?

did you stay on the same pokemon save file for years, just opening the game to look at your maxed-out roster then close it? does it hold some kind of value to you as a life accomplishment to have finished chars on Diablo II?

might be that something is missing from your real life (the one that takes place offline).


I inherited my father’s pokemon save file, and I will pass it down to my children


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Keep waiting. After all, Pez is know for his punctuality :eyes::rofl:

You will have 2 weeks of beta testing on live servers… :rofl:

The charms are ladder only, yes. But Season 1 is still active through October 6th. There is no indication that terror zones or the charms are specific to season 2. Just ladder servers on patch 2.5…

The patch is being released ahead of ladder start. The server maintenance is scheduled for Thursday. Timeline is in line with previous post in PTR forums:

Barbarian followed by orb sorc so i can solo quest bug meph.

Nothing since ladder hold no appeal without gamified activities

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Nothing unless they improve the silly 20 Bnet character limit.


Quest bug works best with 2 accounts…

Andy is guaranteed quest bugged. She would be the best farm when Cata becomes Terrorized.

You can do it just as fast with just switching characters. I have two accounts, but i dont want to run D2R twice to not put more preassure on my pc.

Either a FoHdin early on since I haven’t made one yet(thinking of specializing as a Cleric/Abbot too) or Fire Sorceress(Flickering Flame + Charm = royally broken). Flickering Flame is relatively cheap(Nef + Pul + Vex) and effectively sets every Fire Immune to 80-85 Fire Resistance with the Fire Charm(provided you get one…). Infinity + Phoenix only exacerbates things further. Cold only needs the Charm to dominate but Fire, with a bit of investment, trivializes it.

In all honesty though, I don’t think its wise to introduce an item that effectively makes Unique/Super Uniques and their related Monster Bonuses + Immunities irrelevant. Frozenstein should be immune to Cold Damage. Yet this Cold Sundered Charm, combined with Cold Mastery = double Blizzard Damage dropping him in his tracks. I don’t ever recall a time where that was even possible(maybe the extremely early days of LOD but I wasn’t around then(Starcraft player) and synergies didn’t exist).

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Will roll a cold sorc and probably quit 4-5 days later, as there will be nothing else to do after she’s stacked. Thank you Sunder.


I cant wait for the people wanting immunities gone to start complaining about the resistance debuff. This will be a good ol laugh

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I would like to play ladder but I don’t have enough char slots


His point about Cold Sorcs needing Infinity has merit if you want to defer points into Cold Mastery to maximize Damage. Yet overall, you really don’t need it if you don’t care as much about clear speed. He backs up my point on Lightning and especially Fire Builds. Flickering Flame just got way more value and Fire Charm may ultimately be the most expensive(imo).

Vex is definitely going to be in higher demand.

Noobs still believe Cold is King so the first few weeks will make for great exploitation of the ignorant selling overpriced Cold gear… :rofl:

I’ll be rolling poison nova myself. Easily the best build for full clear farming Terror Zones without charms. Bone Prison is amazing for drawing in mobs on open maps :rofl:


Of course one and the only bladesin