PTR 2.4 march request: Solve Bul-Kathos Set huge problem (makes it unusable)

In Bul-Kathos, you must delete knockback from the big sword, it makes it unusable, you can’t use Frenzy with this two sword set (the main purpose of a two sword set) just because it does knockback on enemies, and that knockback makes very slow to kill them, making this unusable.

Also, the swords have low damage for hell, damage must be increased, or speed must be increased. Now its unusable in hell.

A solution to the damage/ias issue whould be also to add two or three sockets on each sowrd, like on other sets.

Please Blizzard, solve this, we will be more happy with this set!


Agree 100%, hope the devs take this into consideration.


yup knockback should be removed.


This set haves potential, they must do something to solve its problems

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It’s frustrating how there have been countless threads requesting this simple change to remove knockback, yet the developers seem to ignore this request.


Last minutes to get this problem solved, I hope blizzard will see this

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Totally agree. Also feel this set is pretty low compared to how hard it is to find. And since only a barb can use it, why not have more skills? Or make the swords throwable with double throw? I love the idea of giving something unique to them, since they are unique to the barbarian anyways. Multiple sockets would be very tasty and could help!

Quite shame that a5 dual barb cannot use that set :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

blizzard solve it guys, :stuck_out_tongue:

Blizzard, please remove knockback from this set before you close up shop. Thanks for consideration!

leave that sword knockback alone…its the only sword in the game with that affect and its a nice effect…honestly…why you guys even picking on it ? you got like 25 other swords options

removing knockback will give this set a chance to be used


Agreed,want to use this set on a frenzy barb.


yes, whould be a very interesting set if kb get’s removed by devs

Would really like it if act 5 merc could use this set.

yes, that whould be very cool for sure

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Bump for visibility.

I tryed this set, it is very anoying to use it with kb, really frustrating


Blizzard, please fix BK set before you officially release the patch notes… you could fix this during a coffee break… just delete knockback.

I hope they will solve this!

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