Price Check for max/ar/hp Gc

Stats : 8/60/23 hp a little bit low… trash or worth at least ist or something like that ?
Nerxt just dropped 5/22/39
Another one 106/39 no dmg on this one

The 8 max damage is just not gonna be sought after……but still a decent charm nonetheless

That ar/lifer you got prolly the most desirable

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Aby ideas how much can they be worth ?

8/60/23 - self use
5/22/39 - Charsi
106/39 - ar is too low to worth much, maybe um-mal range?


doom on point 20202020

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I would offer a key of hate for 8 / 60 /23. If you want it

Nah, I’ll keep them for my GF barb or some other char. Imo they are to fancy for news char to just throw them away for free :wink: