Please fix: Issues while interacting with inventory

Please fix:

Town portals in belt slot can no longer be restocked from shop (or ground) (shown in video below)

  • Tested with potions as well, potions still work as normal
  • Tested with town portal scroll on ground with full inventory but town portal belt slot open, doesn’t pick up the town portal and put in belt slot

Unequipping arrows removes the left/right skill bindings for the current weapon swap (shown in video below)

  • This seems to only happen after doing a weapon swap. If I set my skills before unequipping arrows again, this doesn’t happen
  • The setting “Show ammo count on skills” doesn’t affect this behaviour

Opening horadric cube in inventory while running moves character to position of mouse cursor (shown in video below)

  • While running and inventory open, right click to open cube, character runs to mouse cursor location
  • This also happens when the inventory is not open yet: run, open inventory, open cube
  • Spamming right click on the cube to “open” it while running keeps running in that direction
  • Behaviour does not happen while standing still and right clicking on cube

(watch the first few seconds closely when the cube opens)

Testing notes:

  • Tested on single player
  • Tested on PC
  • Tested in hell difficulty
  • None of these bugs currently exist in 2.3

Than this belongs in the bug report section.:relaxed:

Ah good point. Changed.

Additonally, clicking on something in your inventory while walking or running often makes you run in the direction of the item in your inventory, which shouldn’t be a thing.

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