PLAYSTATION 5 version NOT working AT ALL

Hi Bliz,

After your update THE PLAY BUTTON doesnt work.

Not for me or ANY OTHER ps5 user.

Do you test your builds?

Are you serious?

I will just ask for money back now and keep PC version.



They rolled out a patch and don’t even launched it before that.
I… No. No words.
Applause. You did again, blizz.


Guys I don’t usually complain on forums, waiting for an issue to be resolved.

But…did you release the patch without testing across the platforms. This is just unacceptable.


I work in IT and if I dont test something before releasing it to our fellow coworkers (300 people) I’d be fired.

Now look at Bliz


I have the same issue…

I even uninstalled and reinstalled the game if it would fix it. It did nothing.

To think about that we want to play a twenty year old game and paid good money for it for the second time and Bliz cannot make it to work…



I requested PSN refund.


I just cannot find any words that would come close to how utterly poor this whole performance by blizzard is…

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Same for me too and my brother, this is unbelievably incompetent.


Download the ps4 version till further updates.

Not completly true, I’m on PS5 and works fine. I play single player though.

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I have notified the team to investigate.


Thank you very much!

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A heads up for everyone playing online, if a patch is needed to fix this, it may be a day or two. Sony has certifactions/approval steps for patches and they are known to be slow.

A good time test offline :slight_smile:

If you play offline it works. The play button doesnt work if you try with an online character.

Yes that’s what I said?

So offline was plagued with lost items and progression so a workaround was to use online char but be solo and now we can’t play online chars on PS5.

They are trolling us really aren’t they?


There is no lost progression in offline, there is however a bug where if you are unlucky an item in the shared stash may dissapear. There is a workaround for that though.

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No there is mass loss progression and stash. Happened to me many times and if you look in the Console Bug forum and Reddit you will see mass reports of it.

Game upon release had offline near unplayable as you would save and exit then lose progression.

Hence online was the only way to stop it.

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it been the last 2 night that i had skip playing with friends due to server issue, and now we are being lock off the game on ps5? comon… how soon this gonna be fix?

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Could you notify them to investigate the awful matchmaking on console as well or do y’all just pat yourselves on the back for making the game minimally functional?

Honestly, the matchmaking is so bad I’m shocked anyone even noticed that it isn’t working right on the ps5.