PLAYSTATION 5 version NOT working AT ALL

Time for Refunds. Game is at the same level broken and full of not held promisses as Warcraft 3 Refund.

Yep, it’s since around 7,5 hours till now. I’m close to raging :triumph:

I played last night pre patch because I cancelled the download, and the game worked perfectly fine.

After update the game won’t connect to Bnet…

Common blizz it’s the weekend and I want to slay some demons like the people on PC

a working game would be nice, id rather have you guys turn the game off and get this fixed. Like everyone has shared - highly annoying. . . to say the least

Blizzard? Should we adapt our Life scheduler to play when you want? Or just offer us the service we ve paid? Refund if you te not able to propose us what we paid! ( ps5 player). Expecting Diablo 4 , i will offer gift to my best friends indtead lol. How serious you seem with this game before Diablo 4 come ? #refundd2r

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Gra nie łączy się na ps5, próbuje od rana. Podobno wymyślili jakąś kolejkę oczekujących. Ludzie z wersją na PC czekają w kolejkach, potem łączą ich, a po chwili zrywa połączenie i kolejka od nowa. Oni przynajmniej widzą którzy są w kolejce. Chore pomysły chorej firmy.


Console server not working cant connnect

It looks like a new business model, started by Hello Games, then CD Projekt and now… Blizz?

Since this morning impossible to play on ps5.
Blizzard can we play the game we paid???
#refundd2r is a joke. What are we paying for? Since one week there are daily server crushes. From today morning it is not possible to login on PS5 at all. Great solution Blizzard. #refundd2r

Always down! Since this morning! Can we play?!?!?! Refund!!


Yep all day server down… no statement no nothing. I just cant belive it.

Playing on PS5

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Servers are not down, they are just limited by a queue on the backend. And as the client(the game on console) doesn’t have support for it, we can’t log in.

And? Communication of blizzard? What are you doing to assume thé facture that we can’ot play!

Here, bluepost stating the same thing:

I see it
It is not my problem
I dont accept queue to connect and thé worst, for thé moment, during thé day ps5 connexion not in fonction, only playing time after 21h it is not thé game i bought.
Refund le!

Since 7am I tried to connect to bnet… Now it’s 9am and I still can’t get a connection. I’m on PS5 by the way. I am very frustrated about it, that I’m not able to use a service which in payed for! Do something about it.

D4 already looks like D3 reskin. Hard pass for me despite buying almost every single blizz game.

OT: yes it looks like the whole weekend is ruined by this stupid decision.

omg i still cant play