Players /8 command for online char

Its time to implement /players 8 into battle net games. many ppl myself included have been ninja joining 7ppl random games just to loot lower kurast and or kill Shreks at act V.


Wise words spoken. One of the few adjustments that aint destroying the game, yet make it better.


No it isn’t time to do this, ever. Local single player is fine,, never.

Find 7 friends, split up and farm different areas of the game.


I don’t want players command for farming. I don’t care about farming. I want players 8 because for years I played with just a friend or 2 and the game feels a little easy without the players 8 command. I am fine if it is limited to a private server because that is the only way I intend to play online anyway,


Lol no. Players command will encourage people to play alone rather than together.

Online is a social experience. Be social and play with people if you want the benefits of players command. If you can’t do that, it’s your fault.


I used to play with just friends via tcp/ip now that isn’t an option. I have no interest in playing on any public server never have on d2 and never plan to. I just want to be able to enjoy the game again with a friend or 2. I don’t care about trading or ladder or any other social content part of this game.

Also, It isn’t my fault that they took out a way to play the game from the original game.

I am fine if they make a separate lobby for people like me who want to play with a few friends to enjoy a game we loved over the years that does allow the player command. I don’t want to spoil the game for those who want to play differently than myself but I have a different objective from this game than what some people do. For me and my friends, we are playing a game we love not because we want an online experience but because we enjoy the game.


So just play in a private game?

Sounds like you want to be able to cheat with an editor though and don’t want to admit it.

And? That is how diablo 2 has always been. There is no rule saying you can’t join a game, and go run other stuff for having more players in it. Par for the course from 20 years ago.
No though to /players command. Too easy, and just floods more items faster. The difference? accessibility. The simpler and easier it is the more common it becomes. Keep it how it is for single player only.

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I play in a private game but still can’t use the players command. I have no interest in cheating. I only want to play with some friends like we used to play via lan with the players command. What I am saying is with the lan games of the past we could use mods or player command to change the game to the way we wanted to play which didn’t include We never played on as a group. We just want to enjoy the game but our way. I honestly don’t care about mods anymore but i miss the difficulty adjustment of the players 8 command.


Before D2R I would have said a resounding “NO”. Now I say an absolute “YES”.
Why ?

Since the removal of TCP/IP, no longer can I play with my 2 siblings in a /players7-8 games (well without trying to hijack other player’s games). Either they put TCP/IP back into the game, or I have no choice to AGREE to this change.

Blizzard forced my hand on this one.


No, ya’ll will just use /players 8 in a private lobby on Bnet anyways. Go play solo and ruin your own game.


it will destroy their monetisation scheme though, because you won’t have to buy 7 more copies of the game to farm lk superchests as effectively as possible

I would be happy with an option for private online play where i have a different set of characters that aren’t allowed to play on regular servers. Similar to D3 between seasonal and non seasonal characters. All I would like is to be able to mimic what we used to do with LAN games in the past. I don’t care if those characters can be part of what then would have been called but now is just online play.

I understand that the players command would be bad for most online play so I am not asking for it to be enabled for all online play just some way to do multiplayer with the players command so those of us who don’t want the full online play can still play with our friends like we used to.


I don’t care about farming I just want to enjoy the content using the update game. I don’t care about trading or anything else. I never played on with the older version. I always played lan games with my friends.

I only want a way to mimic the lan games which is what I think most of you are misunderstanding.

it would destroy the game though…
there’s ton of topics stating the reasons why.

that would ruin any kind of item rarity , that would allow solo LK chest run (and ruin runes rarity) that would ruin any incentive to play multi (since even exp wise playing solo would be better )
that would make the game even more anti-social than it is currently.
Even holy grail would be an easy task with /players 8 so what’s the point of a farming game if you can get everything easily ?
every HR would be really easy to find.
no nicely geared player would have any reasons to play with other since they would get better loot AND exp solo.

it would also help greatly the botters in destroying the economy even more

there’s tons of reasons why it’s bad.
It’s a neat command in single offline but it doesn’t belong in online.


I agree that it doesn’t belong in
As I have stated, I never played before and have no interest in it now.

I would like a way to play with my friends multiplayer like the lan servers of the old days. When we played with the lan characters they were unable to join servers.

What I would like to see now that the lan option isn’t available anymore, is another way to play with my friends that doesn’t include at all. So, characters that like the lan characters of the old days can’t join but still can play multiplayer.


Blizzard should really implement psuedo-LAN games in Offline mode. You hop on an Offline character, open your Friends List, and invite your friends to the game.

No need to change Non-Ladder, no need to change Ladder, no need to add TCP/IP lobbies back in.


then you don’t care about /players 8 as well

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I use player8 to make the game harder more than anything else.


This would be perfect for what I want!