Physical Sunder Charm idea

Seeing as these charms are coming and there’s no way around it… I might as well make Physical Charms so OP that it makes the game trivial by nature.

Level 20 Sanctuary aura when equipped
Sanctuary aura now affects Demons and applies to Ranged Attacks
-100% Target Defense
Physical Resistance -10%

The idea to add Demons to Sanctuary aura was proposed awhile back and I ultimately came down on the side of being a “nay” for the simple fact that Sanctuary aura is the most broken aura in the game. It allows anyone wielding the aura to IGNORE Physical Resistance of affected Enemies. Since Resistance is ignored, it means anything that is PI is treated as if they had 0 Resistance(which is way better than 95 Resistance for these Charms). Yet it also means any debuffs are also ignored, particularly when it sends Resistance into the Red.

Why else is Lawbringer so valuable? It has Sanctuary Aura(allowing the wielder to obliterate Undead) but also comes with Decrepify to debuff Animal/Demon. If I give this Sundered Charm Sanctuary aura, grab Lawbringer and voila the aura effects will STACK, so yeah… broken much? I wouldn’t normally suggest something like this but since Elemental is getting game breaking Sundered Charms, then I think Physical warrants something so broken that it trivializes the game as much as their Elemental counterparts.

Applying the aura to Demons effectively removes 90% of the game from being an issue for Physical builds. The following are the only Animal Monsters Physical builds will have to worry about:

Spike Fiends
Giant Spiders
Scarab Demons
Siege Beasts
Death Maulers ← Death Berserkers in Frozen Tundra
Moon Lords ← Blood Lords are PI in Crystalline Passage/Abaddon/Pit of Acheron

All of those Monsters above all require a Stone Skin Unique to roll PI but Locusts, Death Maulers and Moon Lords all have at least one variant that is natively PI. Against THOSE Monsters, you’ll need something to break their Immunity. Against everything else… they’re Undead or Demon and get obliterated hardcore with Sanctuary aura.

Adding -100% Target Defense effectively allows any Physical Character to ignore Attack Rating against Trash and is half effective against everything else(including Ubers) and stacks with Conviction/Battle Cry. Finally, -25% to Physical Resistance is a stiff penalty given that so few items roll with Physical Resistance. Reducing it to 10% would be far more manageable given that Shako/Rockstopper/String of Ears all roll with 10% Physical Resistance.

Now you just have to give Ranged Classes a Sanctuary runeword or add it to Bows/XBows. However, you’d have to redesign Wrath and give it a purpose if you do.