Opinion auradin or tesla

whats the best for overall game play in your opinion, just starting a new build trying to decide. fire or shock and explain plz

very low budget
low budget
super rich?

Beforehand, you need to know that each item will cast an aura.
So 2 Dragon + HoJ, casts 3x lvl44 Holy Fire aura.
2 Dreams will cast 2x lvl30 Holy Shock aura.

I personally enjoy the gameplay of a Dragondin the most. Just charge around and see/hear everything die around you.
He deals the most pulse dmg

He is the best dungeon clearer and key farmer of those 3, and can farm most areas, and is even good on high player counts.
For boss sniping and low player counts I would go for a grief.
For density clearing and higher player count I would go with crecent moon, due to static.
His pulse dmg isn’t as high, but high enough to kill the lesser evils, while you smack the stronger ones.

Most people think he does the most damage, because he has 1 more aura on him, but actually, he does a bit less damage and it’s far more inconsistent.
The benefit with him is, you can farm more areas, but he is slow.

I would like to link you some Buidget Versions, but that’s not allowed, sorry