Online SSF Mode

They won’t admit it, but what they want is a leaderboard they don’t finish last on. They don’t want to be 10,000th place or 100,000th for that matter. If SSF and regular Ladder launch at the same time maybe 10 people are going to be “racing” in SSF. They want to pretend like they’re relevant and that nobody “cheated” to get ahead. Meanwhile they don’t see that teo and llama did it all legit with their teams, and those that they considered “cheaters” didn’t even finish first. So in reality they should come to the conclusion that they suck and perhaps they’ll never finish first, but instead they want a participation trophy of the losers ladder.


and what causing you not to mind your own business? are you the developer?

Are you? That point is irrelevant to the conversation.

Btw the developer still hasn’t put this clown concept into the game despite a couple years of whining about it. Strange right?

But lets argue the merits of the pluses and minuses of the concept rather than who is a developer because we all lose that fight right?

Because these changes affect game as whole and affect community. Its not that simple as you think.

Online mode is not designed for solo play anyway. Its designed so you trade with others to keep your very limited space not filled with stuff.

So you dont want a ssf mode so people keep feeding the market with supply?

And hoarding? We dont even have the space in bnet to be able to truly hoard

And how much time did took poe to get his?

You can’t just come out and state the truth like that…

It won’t be handled well.

bc cheating and no-lifeing is something no one is aware off
this has only been happening since jankenpon came out

you guys are beating a dead horse there
people just want a game mode where instagram followers doesnt matter
heck, even these instagramers want that

Because there is no proof that you have never traded, so you cannot brag about your SSF achievements, even if true. A SSF mode would make your efforts (of no trading) legitimate.

This has already been addressed. SSF will not add validity to a ladder ranking nearly as much as some imagine.

should be pretty obvious. ez to catch.

less troublesome than jspers which seem to be walking on some grey line.

Just do what Path of Exile did. Let people toggle it on at character creation. If at any time they want to switch out, they can permanently untoggle it.

Not sure why some people are getting so heated about not allowing it. Not your thing? That’s okay! Most people don’t like Hardcore either, but that doesn’t mean adding it to the game was a mistake.

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i don’t have a problem with it being added.

its not the fact that “they added it” that’s the issue. ( assuming they ever did)

its the fact that we have have actual issues that need addressing… bugs. chat lobby UI.

if adding SSF didn’t take resources away from other places then fine.

if blizzard fixes most of the things they broke. fixes bugs and there allows the same stuff in NL as they do ladder. and we get to the point where they can spend resources on tings like this sure… go ahead.

but we aren’t at that point.

and all you guys are doing is whining about things like this.
not having a chat lobby is that’s not filled with bots is absolutely KILLING this game.

i know that for a fact because that LITERALLY the reason i quit less than a month into the season 2. the entire communication hub in-game is effectively gone.

so yeah maybe you people enjoy solo self found…
but for most of us… we WANT to play with others… and we flat out cant communicate

you want a “leaderboard” for something you can already do. because you think somehow that will fix something or make you feel better

i want to be able to talk to people… help them… trade receive help… give build advise to new people… i make 95% of my friend in the chat lobby.

i had NO ONE to play with, so i quit.

these are issue that are cause the game to hemorrhage players.
and you want blizzard to spend time giving you a leaderboard… which will mean nothing

so yes… we are against it… because its a distraction form an actual issue.

we don’t have TIME for your leaderboard nonsense until we have chat functionality

after we can talk to people properly … sure, fine by me.
but unless blizzard gets their act together fast… this game will die from the spam-bots and blizzard’s own utter incompetence effectively blocking all communication

Is it that easy to catch? No botter beat out Teo or llama in the past 2 seasons? So clearly it wouldn’t be easy to catch right? Because they have such a great track record preventing botting right?

Not only that JSPers don’t walk some grey line. They use a trading app and you focus on maybe the .0001% that buy fg. Thinking they’re the ones with the advantage over you when in reality it is stupid to buy fg to then trade for items. All RMT sites are cheaper if you convert everything out. Meanwhile I’m not worried about any of the p2w people, most simply are using them as an excuse for why they have nothing in an easy game. But hey at least you spent 5 hours making on trade through the games list so you could pretend that you’re somewhat more legit than the next player.


Also their pretend leaderboard is a joke. If SSF and real ladder launch at the same time. 8 people are going to be circle jerking each other about finishing months after the ladder 99’s who actually had to struggle for players 8 games. It would at best be a fake ladder participation trophy, a list of losers if you will.

there is no “real ladder” either though. in 22 years ladder has never meant anything… it never will
as soon as you try to make it a “competition” people will cheat. SSF will likely have slightly less cheaters… but it will still be corrupt.

that being said… SSF is probably more legit than multiplayer ladder because most botters will want to sell items.

but none of that matters… its all a BS no matter which way to slice ladder

Was more speaking not in terms of the ladder race, which nobody care about and that the 1st place is usually the person who can sleep the least with a team pushing them through. SSF will for sure have less cheaters perhaps even almost none. If you were going to cheat in SSF, why not just hero edit single player? I just don’t get the point of a clown version of SSF for a leaderboard and yes bother leaderboards are worthless, but arguably if you’re only playing against 7 other people one leaderboard is clearly more worthless.

It seems to me the only arguments against a SSF are the following:

  1. I wouldn’t use because it wouldn’t interest me.
  2. Blizzard has limited resources and I’d rather them focus those resources on things I like.

The first one is not a reason or an argument to neglect implementing a feature many people want. So the only real reason to stand against this is the second point. That you’d rather they work on something more important to you. All other words and paragraphs are just to try and make it look like there is a larger reason that this. But that’s it.


You say many people, but what you meant to say was the 10 clowns who post here and on reddit about it. It isn’t worth the effort even if there weren’t other pressing issues that should be fixed well beforehand.

I too could find 10 people that want barbarian removed from they game, should they listen to us? Nah, that would be a waste of time as well.

Pretending like there is some massive community before the SSFCL is funny too. Why inflate the numbers if the idea is so good? Oh wait, it doesn’t have the numbers because there really isn’t any merit or need for it in the first place.

I wouldn’t say it’s a massive amount of people, but it gets mentioned a lot in every medium where diablo players speak. In the end, I don’t have a poll, nor do you. Nor does it matter. If Blizzard determines enough people would enjoy it, it’s their decision to make. They have access to more metrics than we do, so it’s useless to try and pretend to have a number.

You are very correct Blizzard can do whatever they want with their game. Meanwhile you see Blizzard is ignoring the meme-lords and not mentioning or creating a SSF ladder because they also know it isn’t that popular of an idea. You are very correct I have no poll, but what I do have is an ability to see that it is the same 7 people on this fourm and reddit that spam about SSF every chance they get like it will save the game. Crazy how those names tend to match up across the two places.