Official season end time?

Does anyone know the official time that the season is ending? i have looked for days and i cannot still find the time just that it ends 30SEP like thats still a big time gap IMO



Ladder Season Two Launch Timing:

North America October 6, 5:00 p.m. PDT
Europe October 7, 2:00 a.m. CEST
Asia October 7, 9:00 a.m. KST

Ladder season 1 should end exactly 1 second before ladder season 2 starts. Quoting a post from PezRadar:

"Season 1 to Season 2 will happen fairly immediately. We expect S2 to start a week or two after 2.5 hits so we have a date that everyone is aligned on and knows about. S1 will literally end the second we transition to S2.

For example: Season 1 will go to 4:59:59pm Pacific Time and Season 2 will begin at 5:00:00pm Pacific Time."

Thanks i didnt see this before, means i can start hard pushing around 7 my time! Does this mean the new runewords and charms are also gonna be live at this time?

Terror Zones/Sundering charms will become active when the ladder starts, yes… Keep in mind that you’ll have to beat the difficulty before Terror Zones become available in that difficulty. And it’s pretty much a given that Sundering charms will only drop in Hell difficulty Terror Zones.

As far as new ladder runewords, as far as I know, they haven’t said anything about any new ones for Ladder season 2, so that is still unknown… However Rob Gallerani did say during the developer interview with MrLlamaSC that there would be new runewords released every ladder… (until they run out of them) It’s possible they may be holding onto that news until closer to the ladder start time.

Oh i know ive been farming terror zones in hell like no ones business lol. I tend to stay away from the ladder as well. I was only curious. Thanks! =)

Why would ladder one go until the last second before 2 goes live?

Don’t I get some time to sort my ladder junk and delete a char to make room for ladder 2 runner?

I like the ends in the 30th even if it’s vague it gives me time to prep for ladder 2. Ladder 1 launch was my first ever and it was a unique experience playing gogogo mode all the way though normal.