Now, then.... what's THIS? :-(

TBH, I’ve had no problems with D2R so far. Have been enjoying my solo games without any hassle, and since I’ve created a shortcut to the game executable, I’ve avoided any and all problems.
Until today, it seems! For now I get a 1-2 minute of “connecting to” even though I start the game using the shortcut to the .exe file. Tried to update to see if that was necessary, but to no avail.
And when I actually TRY to use an online character I’ve made, I get a “make sure you are connected to the internet”. Well, I must be, since I am able to post this, no…?
But as it is, the game is virtually unplayable for me now. Hope this isn’t the new normal…?

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Hello and welcome to the party :slight_smile:


I assume that has to do with their login queue to try and stop the servers from being overloaded and the error is just a generic message kinda like the game creation timer error

A Blue thread was created and pinned to set expectations yesterday. I’d suggest actually reading the whole thing, especially the “What we’re doing about it” part toward the end. Will help you to understand and prepare for what’s happening, and what’s likely to keep happening.

This isn’t the new normal, this is the old and established normal. You were the one on the exception side

The fact that Blizzard has to verify you have a legit copy of the game to play single player is absurd. Its DRM even for single player content.

don’t bother paying attention to the error messages, they aren’t programmed to represent the actual errors.

our internet is OBVIOUSLY working.

Oh they finally got to you as well :slight_smile:

You have two options, plug off the ethernet cable/turn on AirPlane mode. Well thats the only one theres no other.

Anyway congratz, yours is pretty easy to solve.

I understand that playing online requires certain measures to be taken, but as long I am in fact playing a single player game… I don’t even make use of the servers (do I?? :open_mouth: ) But I guess I can do as another guy here suggests; disconnect wifi before starting D2R and then enable it again, once I’m in the game.
Just seems so incredibly… pointless. Ah well. :slight_smile:

If your internet connection is active, the game will attempt to connect to the server, even when you use the shortcut.
You need to disconnect from the internet before you start the game in order to avoid connecting to It’s the only way to play truly offline.

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You’ll run into that problem unless you occasionally run from the launcher. That’s why I use DS4Windows instead of Steam to use my PS5 controller with D2R. Basically your login credentials expire if you don’t run from the launcher every once in a while.