Not sure if I should charsi/self use this barb helm. PC!

+2 barb skills
10 FHR
Visio mod
15 attack rating
+9 life
+1 light radius

looks like it’s a mod or two away from being really good, but not too familiar with barb gears

It’s decent. Not op. To Charsi or not is individual preference. Some folks don’t bother unless it’s OP/GG, ymmv.

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gieve was on point here

Does the visio make it better than arreat’s? May just use it for myself, haven’t really messed with barb much

Nah, Arreats is just too good.

Only thing i find competes with arreats is 2/30/20 circlets when you have enigma

arreats is insanely hard to beat as toul said.

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