Not only is the lack of communication terrible they are hurting streamers and their communities

Less and less people are logging into play.

So many streamers were looking forward to streaming this game (not a streamer btw). Their committees were excited as well. This without a doubt helped in the sales of a few copies of D2R. They did their part to advertise your game because overall that’s good for all of us D2 lovers. More players means a better economy and the games longevity itself.

Now that all the hype has died down and we can see all of the glaring issues (Blizzards side not Vicarious Visions) that are not being addressed it’s It’s just sad to see how defeated a lot of these guys/gals are (as well as their communities) about the state of the game.

I hope Blizzard can get it turned around but the current track record over there isn’t looking good.

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They actually put out a pretty comprehensive explanation over an hour ago.

I found the details and plans to be satisfactory. I’m not happy or excusing the servers are so shoddy but they’ve finally at least described all the things that have been happening which is what I’ve personally been asking for.

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Oh, is that why the servers keep overloading?