No official response, no leadership. Great company you all got there!

It’s sad to see that no one from blizzard is stepping up and fixing this issue. This should have been a walk in the park for them. It’s a big mistake neglecting the D2R crowd, as we are your most loyal customers.


They actually did have an official response:


I assume OP will apologize now?


Not good enough. That’s about a transparent as a brickwall.


not much of a response then a post on how they cant handle the issues at hand that they know about.


The entitlement is real in this thread.


As a customer I’m entitled to have this type of issues resolved in a timely matter and to have a working finished product.


Don’t tell me what to do.

that was 3 days ago, everyone go to twitter and tag nintendo and blizzard and who ever else you can think of, the damn ceo of nintendo

So I have playstation 4 and I have never seen a game that has 100% downed servers for online play, for at least 2 days this is ridiculous. How is the company still around with everything they have going on they are more focused on money and losing it than actually practical applications and practices for keeping it and maintainin their integrity as a company this game made your company what it is today and after 20 years you slap a bandage on it with a paper bag to cover its face smh. Can everyone say wheres our money for playing this game because if this is what we have to look forward to for diablo IV I dont want to play anything from this company anymore. How could you rush the beta to allow for this. I know people who make zero $ for creating immulators that are based on 30+ year old games that run better and are actually stable. This is absurd and outrageous there is no cross play but yet every account on every platform connects to the same Bnet server so why is it we are unable to play due to an overload on your servers that have everyone separated from playing each other. No one builds a house for a family with 1 bedroom so why is this games servers not built properly or expanded like they should be. The beta was to test all of this and failed miserably. I want some type of compensation for lack of game play due to companys neglect.


Sing it brother! :clap::clap::clap:

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A tiny “crowd” it seems. And a non-subscription paying one. How much service do you expect for a one time payment? I personally expect none. They give you free (probably pretty old) servers and even tech support on the weekend. I have trouble understanding where people take all their entitlement from.

The original D2 servers have been online for 20+ years and are still running fine. We can at least expect that much for a $40 remaster of that 20+ year old game.

There’s also no tech support on the weekend. I’ve been locked out of online play for over 24 hours with no solution.


Can we get like some ingame charms as an apologize at least :sunglasses::blush:

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it is bizarre that no one from blizzard shows up and answer people and takes accountability

Entitlement comes from an advertised online gameplay experience… last time i checked… that’s not entitlement, that’s a promise… and correct me if i’m wrong here, to not be fraud… one that has to be upheld.

20 years of fan and experience a very lousy server connection.
1star rating for the D2R.

Having a Blizzard employee post about obviously on-going issues every 5 seconds (seems to be the rate of new complaint topics in the Support forum anytime there’s the slightest hiccup in service) doesn’t solve anything. Also, if devs had a “fix” button to click as easily as you have a “play” button to click, don’t you think they would have done that by now? What universe do you think you live in?

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Nice reply, but for ef sake this is a 60 dollar game, not some bargain basement 10 dollar remaster. We expect Blizzard who had 20 years of peak millions of WOW players online understand this?

And don’t tell me you don’t expect this, those numbers of people who bought this are on your database, for every copy sold you knew exactly how many servers you’d need. And for the love of odin a company as big as you shouldn’t need 7 days and counting for fixing a server problem, hell opening a whole new server took less than 7 days.

And character roll back??? On D2??? that’s a cardinal sin, no player should ever ever ever get roll back, lag, issue yes, but rollback??? in 2021???

I’m not a techie and I don’t care about what’s happening, but for 60 dollar 20 years old remaster game with only fake skin too boot I expect better.

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You must really love shilling for Activision.